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Conference keynote? Expert panel? Thought leader discussion? Company offsite? Business team war whoop?

Sean Moffitt and Mike Dover are no strangers to far flung hotel conference rooms, company stages, executives boardrooms and exotic resorts to passionately deliver their message of reinvention and company transformation.

We customize all of our presentations to our audiences, so you never feel like you’re getting the form letter pitch. We’ve also worked with the leading trade associations, corporations, consultancies and executive team to tailor our message to your required need. Finally, we practice what we preach, not getting the slick pitch from career speakers but imparting key lessons from industry veterans that when not in front of the microphone, are plying their trade everyday.

We cover off a full slate of topics. We’ll provoke, educate, provide advice, raise questions, instill enthusiasm and help strategize and operationalize your needs in the following areas:

– NEW for 2013 – the 4th Annual Buzz Report (the freshest insight on the digital culture and marketplace)
– Wikibrands (a composite of all the topics below)
– Company Reinvention (transition, transformation, fresh starts)
– Best Engagement Practices (from the world’s leading companies, industry-specific)
– New Media/Content (social, digital, local, mobile)
– New Marketing (strategies, tactics, authenticity, openness, team development)
– Marketplace Culture (trends, insights, need assessment)
– The Customer (experience management, brand engagement, collaboration, co-innovation)
– Connected Technologies (platform, tools, use of)
– Online and Offline Communities (building, management, stage growth development)
– Enterprise collaboration (internal, partner, external)
– Social Media (the full battery, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
– Measurement (metrics, performance tracking, insights, feedback)
– Trends and the Future of (media, marketplace, workplace, customer needs)

Sean Moffitt

To book Sean Moffitt:

Please contact Wikibrands 416.458-2818 or contact him here.

Some evidence:
Net Change Keynote

Expert Marketeer Webinar

National Media Commentator

Activate Networks Intervewee 


Mike Dover

To book Mike Dover, contact him here  or 416.305.9080

For Canadian engagements, please contact Speaker’s Spotlight 416.345.1559 / 800.333.4453

For American engagements, please Contact Speaker’s Platform 1-877-717-5327

For selected video samples, please visit here and here.

For recommendations, please visit here.




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