Episode #4 – Signals –

“Boldness and The On-Demand Economy”


in our February’19 instalment of “Signals”, our Wikibrands Collective invites global expert Epi Ludvik Nekaj to discuss the on-demand economy and his Bold awards. We also serve up the argument that if we are comfortable driving Ubers vs. taxis, staying in Airbnbs vs. hotels, going about our labour in WeWorks vs. an office lease and hiring freelancers for small projects from platforms like Upwork, shouldn’t we at least consider how we transform our organizations with on-demand  consulting service providers and partners like Wikibrands vs. traditionally managed, big box consultancies, software firms, boutiques and agencies.


Episode Panelists:

Host: Doyle Buehler, CEO, Dept.Digital


  • Epi Ludvik Nekaj, Founder, Crowdsourcing Week & The Bold Awards
  • Sean Moffitt, Managing Director, Wikibrands


0:00 Intros

1:00 The Bold Awards https://bold-awards.com

2:00 Reconnecting on the On-demand Economy, Crowdsourcing & Sharing Economy

3:00 The On-Demand Economy, Marketplaces and the Differences from the Past

5:00 The Future of the On-Demand, Crowd Movement

7:00 An Evaluation of the Previous Crowd Generations – who’s behind it, who plays the cards well and who is more sophisticated

8:00 Deviants > Breakthroughs, Open Challenges and NASA’s expanded crowd efforts

10:00 The Desires of People are Changing and The Evolving State of Work

12:00 The Interaction of Technology with People

13:00 Some of the details around the global Bold Awards submissions and H-Farms Venice, Italy venue

16:30 Wikibrand’s desire to make professional services on-demand and current status – a decentralized group of the most talented tranformationists, change agents, specialists, digiterati and innovators

19:30 Conclusion




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