Episode #3 – Signals –

“Positive Futures”

With so much real and perceived despair in the daily news cycles, our team of Andrea Kates, Doyle Bueller and Sean Moffitt thought we’d start off the year on a positive foot by exposing stuff that makes us hopeful and optimistic for 2019 and beyond..

0:00 The Opener & intros

2:00 The Year of Truth, Gary Pisano’s Creative Construction, The Year of Truth and Getting Real on Innovation Trends

Creative Construction

5:00 The Andrea Scrapbook Mindmap

6:00 Doyle’s POV – Humanizing in Digital and Data Awareness

7;00 Sean’s Resolution – The Year of Learning

8:00 The Ozone Layer is Coming Back https://arstechnica.com/science/2018/01/new-measurement-confirms-the-ozone-is-coming-back/

9:00 Russia, Instagram, Grandmas and Knitting https://www.msn.com/es-mx/noticias/video/a-good-yarn-russias-insta-grannies-take-knitting-skills-online/vp-BBSg1YY


10:00 Animal Shelters and Good News on Facebook https://www.qgiv.com/blog/animal-shelters-facebook/

12:00 Joseph Schumpeter – Big Can’t Be Beautiful Mindset – Creative Destruction and How To Reverse https://economics.mit.edu/files/1785

15:00 Perpetual Refresh – Learning Attitude

 16:00 The Launch of Futureproofing : Next  – a marriage of Wikibrands and Get to Next, Extrapolating Trends, Responsive + Predicting, What To Do About All of It

Futureproofing: Next workshops labs


22:00 The 6Is Futureproofing; Next Model  – how to apply innovation and extrapolate trends, the weight of insight from 13,000 teams, testing & scaling > calibre of an idea

futureproofing:next introduction kates moffitt wikibrands iscale

24:00 The Web Launch and Three Types of People We Appeal To and The Concept of Missing the Future, Innovation you can take to the Bank


Episode Panelists:

Host: Doyle Buehler, CEO, Dept.Digital
  • Andrea Kates, Managing Partner, iScale
  • Sean Moffitt, Managing Director, Wikibrands

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