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Ready, Set … Grow!  Your startup, commercializing product or corporate venture has entered a different phase of its life – the hyper-growth “scale” zone.


Get ready and know what to expect when you are inflecting up at this stage, because you’re not in startup Kansas anymore.  Clearly audit where you are now and where you want to get to.. Scaling is so much more than a growth hacking experiment, digital marketing exercise or design thinking walkabout. Work with Wikibrand’s seasoned scale and growth experts to unleash your 10Cs of scale drivers. 


Inflections - When to Know You Are At Scale

One of the biggest mistakes scaling companies and ventures make is investing in their growth prematurely.  Are you set up to make repeatable accelerated growth efforts? What will stop your business from growing 10X?  Are there others that have gone down your path before and what can you learn from them? What wider trends will affect your trajectory? Have you estimated and evaluated your marketplace correctly? Is the right talent and capital in place to tackle your next phase?  Are your products, experience, tech & process designed to scale? The risks are too big not to get these pre-scale factors right.

Evaluate The 10 Elements to Building Your Scale Runway

Facet 1 : Choices - Purpose/Strategy/Market Fit

At this phase, you likely have had some market traction, bravo you have beaten most startups! Now – do you really know what problems you are solving? or are you the beneficiary of unexpected outcomes?  Do you have a defensible market position, disruptive innovation or network effect working in your favour? Have you stumbled on a truly unique insight, early niche market or breakthrough technology? Are you ready to globalize your operations? Do you need to adapt what’s already worked? Are you in need of partners to achieve your “next”? Have you codified this all somewhere so people know what direction you are headed? and does it resonate? Why do you need to exist? Does your potential market care? And what conscious choices are you making to get there?  Purpose-driven and strategically consistent scaling companies grow their capital 3X and employees 5x more than their pivoting counterparts –  be one of them.

Build or Tweak Your Scale Business Model Canvas.

Facet 2 : Core Product - Experiences/Satisfaction/Additions

By now, you likely have a some type of viable product that is making your early adopters smile. Great, but the race is far from over. Large-scale product redevelopment may be over, but tinkering is now paramount. What unfair advantages does your product experience deliver now, and in the future? Do you have a roadmap and process that can deliver continued success? Is your next 3 months of product development planned? Can you improve and iterate your main product(s)? Do you incorporate new ideas and features rapidly? Are your efforts solving real customer problems and producing ROI? Does you vision, strategy and product align?  Focus is so critically important at scale, because saying ‘no’ to great ideas is necessary to get to the brilliant ones.

Produce your Quarterly Product Roadmap & Product Portfolio

Facet 3 : Capacity - Leadership/Governance/Measures

With scale comes new leadership talents, hires and expertise that aren’t there from the start. These may become your most arduous decisions. It’s just not the founders’ torch anymore; others need to carry the flame to achieve your vision. Is the leadership team that has got the business this far ready for the next chapter? Who do you hire and when?   Are their accountabilities clear?  What people with complementary expertise, experience, connections and oversight are advising you? How do you motivate and empower leaders and staff? Do you have a north star focus on what’s an important measure of success.once you move past the first 10-15 people in your firm?  And how is this being reinforced everyday?

Conduct our “Before & After” Scale Leadership Worksheet Grid

Facet 4 : Craft - Stories/Brand/Content

Don’t be alarmed, but somebody out there may have a better product than you – just tell a better story. At the scale stage, your origination, founder and early customer vignettes may still have resonance, but employees and customers are also looking for some consistency to drive repeat real world action and affinity.  Yes, be unique, but don’t wing it. Unlike corporates, to gain outsized scale returns is to not have a mainstream consensus, but to be right about something that is different.  Craft a distinctive, authentic story and reinforce it at every brand touchpoint and content rollout. Because once upon a time is actually now.

Build your Scale Story Canvas, Brand DNA & Content Calendar

Facet 5 : Customers - Personas/Conversions/Hacks

Optimizing your customer funnel never has a finishing line and customer acquisition is by far the biggest challenge at scale.  At the scale stage, discovery trumps planning, Whether through data, observation or by asking customers, find out early: Are you delighting your early adopters? Are you filling the top of the funnel? How do they find you? Do people have a great first experience? Are they coming back? Are your prospects converting efficiently into regular paying customers and passionate users? Do they endorse you and tell others? Are you fielding tonnes of smart experiments and quickly redeploying the successful ones? Are you capturing  full customer value? We’ll use our AAARRR framework and metrics to build a snapshot and moving barometer to the health of your customer base.

Get your Customer Journey Map, Personas and Growth Stack Optimized. 

Facet 6 : Community - Customer Support/Service/Outreach

Tribes matter, they always have, At scale, they matter even more. At this stage, companies are investing considerably more time in generating advice, bridges and contributions from fans, advocates, employees and mentors. Across a variety of platforms and media, companies can change their level of bigness through communities focused on: advocacy, engagement, innovation & insights, knowledge-sharing, lead generation and support. More than 2/3rds of customers leave because they think companies are indifferent to them. Scale by ABCD – Automating for efficiency/relevance, Building standards of practice, Community managing for 911, 411, & 511 solutions and Delivering self-help avenues where human contact is unnecessary.

Allocate for the 15 roles of a Community Management, the 25 Motivations for Participation and the 11Cs of Community Activities 

Facet 7 : Connectivity - Tech/Digital/Cloud

Scale without supporting technology is like turning on a fire hydrant without a fire hose.  In the scale stage, you want your business to purr like a well-oiled machine. Technology is often  considered to be the biggest barrier. Are you building a platform-based service? Can you keep your data secure? Are you able to integrate new features and apps into existing systems? Have you been able to tap into the advantages of a cloud infrastructure?  Are you automating core processes and providing flexibility where needed?. You may be moving into new markets and geographies, does your infrastructure play well and perform under all conditions? Are you deploying apps and internalizing data in an agile manner? Make sure you have connections that can grow with you, and at digital speed.

Evaluate Wikibrand’s Eight Module Technology Scale Stack 

Facet 8 : Capability - Talent/Process/Culture

Growth can create complexity and complexity is the silent killer of growth. Don’t drift toward bureaucracy, losing the ability to capture the benefits of a scale-up size and speed. In this scaling phase, you need more brains arms and legs to outwit, outsell and outcompete your expectations. Become a scale insurgent, not the establishment. There are no shortcuts. Generalists turn into specialists, reframe, hire and outsource to the right people with similar values. Ways of doing things can become habits, don’t put off good process. Leverage the knowledge and skills of people around you to grow your business. Be open to redesign your team again and again in this fast-moving race. Team members should all be  engaged, motivated, recognised and rewarded, as there can be no passengers. Positive culture is key in scale, as the founders and management team can’t individually reinforce it like they used to.


Take the Wikibrands Scale Talent & Culture Dialog Survey


Facet 9 : Capital - Funding/Cash Flow/Valuation

Scale-ups can burn through cash excessively and once in the habit of spending your way out off issues, there is no return to frugality. Be laser-focused on investments and make smart bets. Very few scaling companies are cash-rich enough to self-finance aggressive next-stage growth. They need a “war chest” with infusions from venture capitalists, private equity, bank loans, or mezzanine financing. What is the new level of risk? Where is your breakeven and how are you tracking? What’s your burn rate?  What level of control needs to be given up to others and can you live with that?  Are there creative revenue streams that build your scale wallet now? How are you convincing investors effectively?  Network effectively by getting connected and familiar with the big names in the industry. Meet investors and use the power of networking and smart business planning to your advantage.

Build Your 10 Pt. Scale-up Wikibrands Business Plan 

Facet 10 : Convergence - Bringing it All Together

Growth is never a straight line or resembling the hockey stick curve we all hear about; scale is more of a persistent steady climb to an unknown summit. Leading effective scale means: leveraging chance encounters, developing concrete business plans, establishing a risk-taking culture (vs. operational excellence), and setting a very high bar.  Once you start scaling, you don’t stop. You stop and you die. And the goal posts are always changing   So if you start in on this path, you better be prepared to stick it out. Get some outside eyes to wade into the business every so often to help you see the scale forest through the trees .

Take the initial and annual  Wikibrands’ Scaling Audit 

Sean Moffitt

Scale & Growth Champion

“Startups are tough, scale-ups may be even tougher. What got you to the multi million dollar business leagues is not what will keep you there inevitably. Leveraging smart outside resources as a sounding board is simply good business.

Wikibrands offers the professional expertise, tools and roadmap that will get you to the next level. Our industry, growth & technology experts, serial entrepreneurs, brand builders, growth hackers and innovators will work with you closely to plan your next growth cycle. You’ll benefit from people who know how to scale from a variety of interesting and multi-disciplinary backgrounds.”

Informed by:

Covering the 10Cs of Scale:

Perfect For:

  • High growth, Start Up Founders
  • Scale Up Management Teams
  • Struggling to Scale Businesses
  • Corporate Venturists
  • Product Owners
  • Mid Market Firms ($5-500MM\)
  • Growth & Business Development Teams
  • Technology & Software Engineering Groups
  • Marketing & Customer Experience/Service Functions
  • Culture & Talent  Owners

The Evidence:

  • The world is 7.7x faster than it was a generation ago (Source: Wikibrands)
  • Taking innovative ideas to marketer quickly and scalable is deemed the #1 barrier to innovation (PwC)
  • The biggest difference between a digital and traditional environment is the pace of business (MIT Sloan)
  • The scaling organizations can grow to $1b in 4 years, the typical Fortune 500 company required 20 years (Singularity Hub)

Getting Started - Immersions/Workshops

Whether you are at the start, middle or struggling in your scaling efforts, we can help provide springboards to your next phase of growth with our short immersion and workshop-driven sessions.

Going Deep - Labs/Training

We’ll go beyond the quick and dirty, conducting a full forensics and collaborative planning focus on your business through our multi-day scale labs and training curriculum. You’ll leave with a roughed out plan and/or full training program series.  Our collective can even help deliver on some its suggested changes.

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