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We’ve rigorously curated insights from the world’s leading practitioners and thinkers through surveys and interviews on the freshest topics. Think about these guides as your shortcuts to the future.
2018/2019 Customer Insight Leadership Series: 
“Smarter, Human, Trusted, Customized, Wow, Now.”

We’ve profiled insights from 370+ global experts across the customer-facing worlds on current and future customer demands, behaviours, wants, technologies, brands and trends.

2018/2019 Emerging Technology Series: 
“The Digital & Technology Periscope”

In our most ambitious study yet, we’ve profiled over 45 leading questions with 300+ global experts on the current practices & behaviours and future trends and predictions. We’ve built a wide, deep and tall review of the full digital culture and marketplace.

2018/2019 Emerging Technology Series: 
“The Blockchain Benchmark: The Authoritative Global Study on Blockchain”


We’ve surveyed and interviewed 400+ experts across twelve sectors of the Blockchain, cryptocurrency and smart contract divides to get a consensus view of where Blockchain is now and where it’s going. We’ll colourfully illustrate why we may be looking at 1995 and the cusp of an internet-sized movement all over again.


2018/2019 Brand Leadership Series: 
“The Personal Brand Playbook: How to Stand Out in the Digital Age … without the ick factor

“In a connected world, power shifts to those best able to connect”. Whether you like it or not, your future happiness, wealth, interests and impact on your world will be a function of your network. How do you build a reputation and following even when your not in the room, and do it without selling your soul out? Some big insights and kernels of wisdom form our recent study of 150+ personal brand role models and experts.

2018/2019 Emerging Technology Series: 
“The Digital Transformation Codebook: Digital Change, not More Disruption”


About 70% of digital transformations fail; that seems like an awful waste of time, money and energy. We’ve attempted to learn from successes, mistakes and the experience of global experts who share their wisdom and insights.


2018/2019 Futureproofing Trend Series: 
“The Future is Faster: 50 Keystone Examples”

The world is a blur and we tend to overestimate the short term changes and underestimate the long term shifts, With this paper, we have taken some of your favourite technology, demographic, business and demographic movements and graphed them to show trendlines, progression into the future and implications for you.

Wikibrands Syndicated Reports

Wikibrands produces 6+ reports each year on what matters most to business decision makers. Annual trend shifts, the leading value drivers and hot topics are all fair game. Our 40-80 page reports are all strongly curated, visually compelling and sharpful insightful digests on the world “out there”. Purchase our reports and we guarantee you to be smarter decision makers.


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