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Welcome to the Impact Age!  In this era, having a strong brand is one of the most valuable things you can own, and the most precarious. Take your eye off of the marketplace for a moment and your brand will be punished by a very empowered customer. Smarter. Human. Customized. Trusted. Wow. Now.. This is what your audience wants, can you give it to them?

Plucked from our global, award-winning book Wikibrands, we’ve distilled the insights of the top 100 engaged brands to provide the 12 essential elements for building and maintaining your brand. We call it FLIRT and MILC (outlined below).

Unlike the Mad Men days  where a bunch of executives got together, made ads and told Joe & Josephine consumer what to buy, think & do, today’s brand playbook is now a much more complicated, digital and collaborative thing. Reinvent your brand for the  connected age … from people who have done it before.  

The Reinvention Rallying Dry - The 4Ps become the 4Es

Reinventing your “brand  fleet” has three starting points – launching a new boat, righting a leaking ship, or when prevailing winds are good but storm clouds are brewing.  Our adaptable Wikibrands approach allies with a full range of brand-driven organizations to overcome their typical Achilles heels:

  • not enough fight for and openness with the customer
  • not enough business teeth in their marketing/branding
  • not enough boardroom alignment / cross-company involvement
  • not enough balance of short term growth drivers vs. long term bets
  • not enough foresight & tech in where markets/media are headed

The top five brand consultancies in the world pay lip service to these items above. We don’t. It starts with philosophy – we are no longer in the 4P age of product, place, price and promotion. Wikibrands moves to the higher plane of 4Es of: experience, everywhere, exchange and evangelism.

Sail Through the 7 Smarter Stages of  Building  & Maintaining your Brand Reinvention 

FLIRT 1 : FOCUS - Purpose, Values, Ambitions, Positioning Personality, Customers, Experience, Strategic Pillars

If you don’t know where you re going, you don’t want to be getting there very fast! Similar to an architect building a house, you don’t start putting down bricks until you get buy off to the core look & feel (for the customer), the structural integrity (for the stakeholders) and how to build it (for the contractors & sub-contractors). That’s what we do – except for brands. These considerations come before any single decisions on media, technology and execution. We’ve taken the best of our marketing and technology worlds to plan it simple & high and build it creatively & low with a premium on customer centricity, growth, agility  and visual simplicity.

Plan your Wikibrands’ Brand Stack and its Eight Core Elements 

FLIRT 2 : LANGUAGE - Tone, Content and Conversation

Tap into the instinctual human and technology-based reasons on why people pay attention to, adopt, talk about and advocate for brands. Wikibrands will cover off the essential “heart”, “face” and “mouth” on how to present yourself to your audiences for “wow” reactions. We’ll cover off your PESO content options, the 30 brand tone archetypes, and the 36 possible  types of conversation you might want to have with your customers.

Develop your balanced Wikibrands’ Content Calendar, Brand Personality and Conversation Sparks.

FLIRT 3 : IDEAS - Problem/Solutions, Concepts & Stories

Great ideas that spread are and valuable. In a world of short attention, time and trust, amidst an infinite universe of product choice and media, a conversation-worthy idea can galvanize an organization into winning mode.

Distill your Problem/Solution Grid, Prototype Concepts and Author your Story SUCCESS Canvas

FLIRT 4 : INCENTIVES - Audiences/Outreach, Triggers & Motivations

A bit of a cold shower of brand truth – brand fans do it for themselves, not for you.  Working collaboratively with you, we’ll help tap into: the six types of brand influencers and their four sources of power, how to find and access your fans and incubate them through the core three reasons why people act offline and online,

Build your Wikibrands’ Audience & Community Richter Scale 

FLIRT 5 : RULES - Terms, Guidelines, Customs

This is how we do things and that’s okay.  As Ralph Waldo Emerson said “a few strong instincts, and a few plain rules suffice us. The best brands document simple key rules, some easily digestible guidelines (not handcuffs),  and a distinctive group of customer & rituals.

Let’s build your Company Policy, Legal Terms, Experience Facilitation, Training Guidelines and Brand Rituals/Customs 

FLIRT 6 : TOOLS - Platforms, Channels, Media & Enablers

If you build it, they may come. Organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to gain traction on both poles of engagement – awareness / attention & loyalty / retention. Companies need to compete within owned,  earned/paid media and shared media channels, If a brand was a sports team, these would be home, away and neutral site games – to be a champion, you need to compete and win in all venues.. The medium frequently can be the message, so we’ll provide a full audit, prescription & experiment portfolio for your brand hub, spokes and enabling tools.

 Pinpoint your Wikibrands Tool Chest for Each Customer Mandate 

MILC #1: MEASUREMENT - Measure/KPIs, Data, Analytics

Mastering the imperfect science of monitoring brand performance.  Yes, measurement has some dark art attached to it, but only 7% of senior financial executives are satisfied with the brand’s function’s ability to measure ROI,. There has to be a balance between barrier breaking cutting edge and repeatable, trackable performance. Wikibrands’ can help measure and track your 3Os of brand performance right for your organization – outputs, outtakes and outcomes.

Build a total view of brand measurement with Wikibrand’s Dashboards

MILC #2 : Internalizing Community - Program, Empower & Measure Your Megawatt Power Nodes

As generating clicks become more and more difficult, companies are sparking to their best brand resource – employees.  With more than half of workforces looking for their next job, it may seem like a pipe dream to stoke staff passions. High employee engagement is achievable and is a huge brand multiplier. Wikibrands will help plan the eight levers of positive employee engagement and map out the six areas of expected beneficial outcomes.  

Harness the Wikibrands Employee Engagement Framework  and measure  health & progress with our proprietary Dialog audit tool

MILC #3 : Listening - Tools & Process

The yellow brick road to brand excellence is listening in the digital age. In our Buzz Report, experts claimed that the biggest sin a brand could make would be to not listen. This brand-deadly sin has 5 parts to it:  brands don’t listen effectively, they don’t act on what they hear, they don’t respond quickly/positively to what they’ve heard, they don’t seek out feedback proactively and they don’t change because of the feedback. That’s a lot of misses. With an array of different listening tools and processes, we’ll help you become better proactive crisis managers. reactive-friendly service agents, data-rich analysts and insight-rich customer empaths.

Place your Wikibrands’ Listening and Insights Nodes

FLIRT #4 : Customer Experience Journey Management

The average person may take 5-50 interactions before they buy off your company – how to you track them and resource them may be your tougher question. Tap into our AAARRR customer journey framework to operationalize all your key brand touchpoints. We’ll provide a detailed customer journey map, pleasure and pain point analysis/ hypothesis, a funnel conversion model and a growth experiment resourcing grid . Don’t leave your last mile of growth development untapped.

Optimize your Customer Journey through Wikibrand’s four CX tools 

FLIRT #5 : Culture Reinforcement

The greatest antagonist or amplifier to brand strength can be  cultural. Culture is how your company decides to live out its brand values and in today’s transparent world, what you do is as important as what you say you do.  The gap between brand and culture should be non-existent. Hiring, Onboarding, Recognition, KPIs, Incentives, Collaboration,  Internal Communication, Team-building, Mentoring, Corporate Social Responsibility, Performance Feedback and Training are all key internal touchpoints.

Identify and reinforce with Wikibrands’ Battery of Brand Culture  and diagnose its health through Dialog. 

FLIRT #6 : Community Building

How to Build a Brand Garden, not a Ghost Town. There is a graying line between your employees and external brand ambassadors, We say make that perimeter as porous as you can – power in the impact age shifts to those best able to connect.. As veterans of building brand networks and communities, we can help steer your community from birth to childhood to adolescence and adulthood. It truly takes a village to build a brand.

Build out your ideal community ecosystem with Wikibrand’s 11 Community Cs

Mike Dover

Reinvention Brand Champion

“At no other time in the last century have we seen the changing dynamics of what builds brands. We now live in this see-saw world of brands’ enormous globalized value and the ability for them to lose it all through crisis, disruption, and quick shifts in  technology and culture..You really do need adaptive  experienced people with their fingers on the pulse of the marketplace to help guide your brand efforts.

Wikibrands represents the future of business – a future that calls for a fundamental shift about how we approach customers. If you are in the business of driving winning performance in today’s marketplace, Wikibrands is our wake-up call, strategy guide and execution roadmap, as relevant for the C-suite as it is front-line managers.”

Informed by:

Covering the FLIRT and MILC of Reinventing Brands:

Perfect For:

  • Brand & marketing groups
  • New management teams
  • Commercializers of  Innovation
  • Underperforming/struggling brands
  • Companies in disrupted industry sectors
  • Change agents
  • Growth & scaling businesses
  • Not-for-profits/Causes
  • Private/public partnerships/institutions
  • Personal brands

Getting Started - Immersions/Workshops

Whether you are at the start, middle or struggling in your brand-building efforts, we can help provide springboards to your next phase of brand, customer, commerce and channel development  with our short (<1 day or less)  immersion and workshop-driven sessions.

Going Deep - Labs/Training

We’ll go beyond the insta expert or shallow research, by conducting a full forensics and collaborative planning focus on your business through our multi-day scale labs and training curriculum. You’ll leave with a roughed out plan and/or full training program series.to rally round your brand.  Our collective can even help deliver on some its suggested changes.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch, consider a combo brand & culture workshop/lab or a more involved brand consulting, building & resourcing engagement.

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