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Marketing has forever changed. The 4Ps (product, price, promotion, place) have turned into the 4Es (experience, exchange, experience, everywhere) and they ain’t coming back with The MarCom FieldGuide©.

Since 2010, we have been polling CMOs, communication and media experts on where the next phase of effective marketing and communications practices, behaviours and investments are going.  We’ve gleaned expert input from 30+ of the world’s leading demand marketers, CMOs and experts, global surveys (two surveys with over polling 400+ experts in our latest round) and curation of the best practices of the world’s top 60+ marcom-driven organizations, startups and brands.

We share the leading investment and source shifts, curated insights and in­‐market  examples  that  show actually what is changing  and furnish  tools,  strategies  and microtrends  to  extrapolate  opportunities  specific  to  your  brand(s), campaign(s), audience(s),  channel(s), organization  or  industry. “Lead, follow or get out of the way” is the mantra of brave new growth generating Field Guiders.

Compiled Via:

  • 400+ Expert surveys
  • 30+ Expert interviews
  • Evaluation for the top 60+ innovative marketing brands and startups
  • Curation of best recent marketing practices, case studies and research insights
  • Industry brand leaders analysis , customized to your world


The MarComFieldGuide© Top 50 Metatrends and 130 Microtrends

Key FieldGuide Themes –  The Accelerated Shift Over the Last two decades of digitally-infleucned marketing  and communication tactics

The New CMO – Toughest Challenges and Objectives to Deliver in an Era Where Brands Have Never Been More Valuable or Fragile

The Leading Brand Traits of the Future and Customer Journeys

The Shining Brand Benchmarks from a  Wide Palette of 25 Industries

The Fastest Rising Communication & Media Trends,  Marketing Technologies and Helpful Platforms/Tools

Biggest Future Marketing & Communication Skills, External Influences and Internal Barriers

Building a Following – Leads, Advocates,  Influencers and Community

The Future – Top Predictions, Biggest Winners, Interesting Debates and Understanding the Landscape

What to Do Next? Practical Strategies, Tactics and Tools.


Expert Perspective:

“It’s hard to lead the cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse.”  

— Adlai Stevenson, American governor, ambassador to the UN and promoter of progressive causes 


Get Immersive, Get Smarter, Get Personalized with the MarCom Field Guide

Stop adopting tactics from 1993, 2003 or 2013. Zoom ahead to the growth and brand-building strategies and tactics of a faster, volatile future.

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