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  • Strategic, Long Term Planning, & Academic Groups and Policy Makers
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  • VCs, Angels & Investment Community


The future of anything is rarely a straight line,. Find out with our exciting forensics on the speed of digital life with The Futureproofing Hockey Sticks©.

For the last few years, we have made it a hobby of charting the pace, speed and rationale for fast-rising movements and massive changes in crowd behaviour, It’s actually surprising how little emphasis the new world places on the history of its big shifts and how future mistakes can be avoided by understanding them. For the things that we have been most curious about, we have chased down the real numbers to look at patterns. In many cases, we may be the sole source of evidence, having painstakingly cobbled them together from a variety of sources.  Here are 6 interesting trends we have recently charted.

We share the full history on growth, reductions and sideways shifts, expert insights, and rationale that point to how fast things really are changing. We then take our best seasoned bets on how to extrapolate these curves to benefit your audience, organization or industry. Given the wealth of these examples from the last 18 months, the conclusion is blurringly clear – “the past was fast, and the future will be even faster”. Zoom…

Compiled Via:

  • 50 Futureproofiing Growth Examples
  • Current Rationale & Movement Starts
  • Future Projections
  • Expert Commentary
  • Additional Tailored Industry Insight (upon request)


The Futureproofing Growth Hockey Sticks©   – 50 Exponential Growth Curves Across Society, Technology & the Marketplace

  • Mobile Usage & Data Flow
  • Processing Speed and Bandwidth
  • Digital & Social Media 
  • Company Growth, Valuations and Survival Rate
  • Societal Opinions, Beliefs  and Values
  • Cost, Impact and Adoption of Technology
  • Economic and Demographic Patterns
  • The Leading Edge of Emerging Technologies Breakthroughs
  • Sports, Entertainment, Media and Pop Culture Shufts
  • Popularity of Concepts and Terms (and when they shifted)

The Future Belongs to the Fast – Projecting Out into the Next Few Years

What to Do Next? Practical Strategies, Tactics and Tools.


Expert Perspective:

We tend to overestimate what we can do in the short term and underestimate what we can do in the long term.”  

—Tim Hurson, Author and Creativity Theorist

Chart into brave new worlds with Futureproofing Hockey Sticks

Did you expect any different name from a bunch of Canadian analysts!?

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