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Culture eats strategy for breakfast in a majority of change-driven efforts, Discover what the best do in getting their own house in order and learn from the culture, talent and employer branding insights from The Employer Brand Weathervane©.

When we wrote our book Wikibrands, we discovered that in more than 95% of the cases, strong customer-driven organizations were always accompanied by strong, principled-driven and progressive leadership.  We’ve gleaned expert input from 20+ of the world’s leading culture change agents and human resource transformationists, global surveys (polling 200+ experts in our latest round) and curation of the best practices of the world’s top culture-driven organizations.

We infiltrate and walk inside the best companies so that we can share the leading statistical shifts,  expert insights and  in-­‐market  evidence  that  show  what  actually  is changing  and furnish  tools,  strategies  and microtrends  to  extrapolate  culture-building and talent-accumulating opportunities specific  to  your  work force, situation, organization  or  industry. With the majority of the workforce disengaged and disempowered and generational differences between work styles, culture expectation is smack dab in the middle of the four-way intersection of technology, customer, strategy & innovation.

Compiled Via:

  • 370+ Expert surveys
  • 40+ Expert interviews
  • Evaluation for the top 100+ customer-driven brands
  • Curation of Customer Experience & Journey Studies
  • Industry leaders analysis , customized to your world


The Employer Brand Weathervane© Top 16 Culture trends and 100 Microtrends.

Top Four Weathervane Themes – Key Messages for the Future of Talent, Culture and Employer Branding.

The New Leadership Mandates, Skills & Competencies and Methods of Training and Coaching.

The rise of Purpose and authentically rallying your stakeholders around it.

The Leading Culture Traits of the Future and To Benchmark Examples.

The Industries Needing to deal With Automation and Top Examples.

The Fastest Rising Talent Leadership  Trends & Technologies.

How it’s Talent AND Technology not Talent or Technology?

Generational Expectations & Work Styles and Ways To Bridge.

The evolving Soft Skills and hard science of collaboration, communication, empowerment, recognition and performance management.

Biggest Future Culture Leadership Skills, External Influences and Internal Barriers.

The Future – Top Predictions, Biggest Winners, Interesting Debates and Understanding the Balance.

What to Do Next? Practical Strategies, Tactics and Tools That You Can Do.


Expert Perspective:

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”  

— Simon Sinek, Founder & Visionary, Start with Why


Point your direction to the Employer Brand Weathervane

Culture can be an additional paddle or an anchor to business change and success, you make the choice.  And remember, the winds are always shifting.

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