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Technology is moving 7.7X faster than it ever has. Find out what’s top of the charts now, where it’s going and implications for the future  with The Digital & Technology Periscope©.

As part of our second edition study, we have been polling technology and digital experts on the next evolution of technology drivers and shifts. One of the challenges in this area is that technology is so tribal.  We’ve canvassed for input form 20+ different segments of the digital and technology worlds from software engineers, business decision makers, planners and corporate technology leaders. In our most ambitious study yet, we have asked 45 questions of 250+ global tech-savvy experts and followed up on some of the more interesting developments  of the leading 30+ technologies expected to grow over the next decade.  Check out some of the questions we asked our panel of technorati.

We share the leading statistical shifts,  expert insights and  in-­‐market  evidence  that  shows  what  actually  is changing  and furnish  tools,  strategies  and microtrends  to  extrapolate  opportunities  specific  to  your  audience(s),  channel(s), organization  or  industry. With technology being the biggest factor in all levels of innovation and influence, from C-suite to the frontlines, it pays to stay on top of what tomorrow’s technology may bring.

Compiled Via:

  • 250+ Expert surveys
  • 20+ Expert interviews
  • Deep evaluation for the leading 30+ emerging technologies
  • Curation of Digital Transformation & Experience Studies
  • Leading benchmark examples, platforms and tools


The Digital & Technology Periscope© Top 30 Technologies and 120 Micro Digital Trends

Current Practices/Attitudes – What is changing today in technology & digital?

Future predictions – What is changing in the near and long-term future?

The most disrupted industries by technology

The biggest organizational winners and losers

Biggest elements for technology leadership

Top opportunities and impasses for digital transformation

Biggest bets and ethical debates on the future

Understanding on the weights and mainstream timing for anticipated next wave of technology

Deeper analysis on Ai, IoT, Blockchain, Alternate Energy and Social Media

Where will organizations be investing the most

What opinions and biases people on how to approach technology implementations

What’s changed from previous study’s reports


Expert Perspective:

“The future masters of technology will have to be light-hearted and intelligent. The machine easily masters the grim and the dumb.”  

— Marshall McLuhan, Professor, Technology & media theorist & futurist


Peer into the Digital & Technology Periscope

Technology isn’t just for technologists anymore. Skate ahead of the puck on the biggest driver of wealth, careers and societal change for the future.

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