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  • Innovation  Teams  and  MarCom  Functions
  • Executive  Boards/C-­‐Suite
  • Business  &  Strategic  Planning  Groups  and Policy Makers
  • Associations,  Consultants  and  Agencies
  • Researchers  and  Business  Analysts


Decode the biggest drivers on how we are going to live, work and play over the next decade with The Buzz Report©.

Since 2010, this is our widest view looking at multiple industries and landing on the top 25 metatrends based on:  expert input from 20+ of the world’s leading experts & futurists, global surveys that have spanned back over nearly a decade and curation of fast-rising patterns that are shaping the world or about to shape to it.

We share the leading  statistical shifts,  expert insights and  in-­‐market  evidence  that  shows  what  actually  is changing  and furnish  tools,  strategies  and  microtrends  to  extrapolate  opportunities  specific  to  your   audience,  organization  or  industry.

Compiled Via:

  • Expert surveys
  • Expert interviews
  • Cross-industry Analysis
  • Curation of Insight Studies
  • Web search changes


The Buzz Report© Top 25 Metatrends

The Buzz Report© 120 Microtrends

Microsope -­‐ Key Opinion & Behaviour Shifts

Telecope – Expert Future Viewpoints 

Kaleidoscope – Torchbearing Opportunities

 Periscope – Your Industry 3 Year Implications

 Trend Mapping Ideation Sortable Tool


Expert Perspective:

“Lots of companies don’t succeed over time. What do those companies all do wrong? 

It’s usually just that they missed the future.”

— Larry Page, Co-founder – Google, CEO- Alphabet


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