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  • Fintech, VCs and Financial Industry Executives
  • CIOs, Supply Chain, Regulatory & Legal
  • Innovators, Planners, Policy Makers & Change Agents
  • Blockchain ICOs, Associations, Conferences, Alliances and Technologies
  • Progressive-minded CEOs, CMOs and CHROs and teams


Peer into the lens of one of the first global studies to look at the more substantive questions about where blockchain is going, why it might get there and why something might stop it with The Blockchain Benchmark©.

Unlike the Bitcoin cryptocurrency craze of 2016, we wanted to establish a trend monitor and global source of truth for where the Blockchain industry and movement is headed. In 2018, we polled Blockchain professionals and enthusiasts from 12+ different parts of the blockchain, fintech, government, corporate and startup worlds.

  • Groundbreaking – until now, no global study has been fielded that gets such an extensive consensus on where the blockchain industry/technology/movement is going, from all its key stakeholders.
  • Fundamentals – Blockchain is still in its nascent days, our study helps develop an understanding of fast-developing, best practices from industry experts and practitioners
  • Trend Monitor – the study can act as a benchmark and snapshot in time for all changes moving forward.
  • Independent – the survey was conducted as a third party (Wikibrands) with an interest in knowledge discovery, new insight and objective industry opinion, and no commercial affiliation/agenda in place.

For the first time, a global study that asks the biggest questions about Blockchain (not necessarily about what their bitcoin or Etereeum valuation is going to be next month). We share the best in-­‐market  evidence  that  shows  what  actually  is changing  and furnishes  tools,  strategies  and microtrends  to  extrapolate  opportunities specific  to  your  audience(s),  organizations, governments, ICOs  or  industries.  As a top five technology over the next decade, there may not be an industry that Blockchain does not disrupts over the next few years. Get ahead of the change with the Blockchain Benchmark©.

Compiled Via:

  • 400+ experts from 12+ different Blockchain-Related occupations
  • 30+ interviews with Blockchain thoughtleaders and practitioners
  • Deep dive into Blockchain use cases and maturity
  • Analysis of successful, scaled ICOs
  • Industry by industry curated insights


Current Attitudes, Practices and Behaviours on Blockchain.

Top Blockchain Predictions and The Future.

Top Blockchain Influencers and Biggest Projected Company Winners.

Beliefs on Blockchain Best Practices.

The Blockchain Benchmark© Top 20 Use Camps and 240 Use Cases. 

When will blockchain mainstream? Who will benefit?

What are the key barriers to customer and corporate adoption?

Why do people get involved in the first place? And what benefits do they end up realizing?

The most important debates, comparisons and recent headlines.

The Most Blockchain-Disrupted Industries and Corporate Functions.

What to Do Next? Practical Strategies, Tactics and Tools.


Expert Perspective:

“Blockchain is as significant now as the Internet was 25 years ago.”  

— Blythe Master, CEO, Digital Asset Holdings


Get ahead of your peers with the Blockchain Benchmark

Rankings. Fresh perspectives. Industry-intelligence. Predictions and smarts bets. Norms and best practices. Killer Apps.

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