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Find out what customers are now demanding of the organizations they deal with and what will change in the future with The Customer Zeitgeist©.

Since 2012, we have been polling customer-facing pros on where the next phase of customer values, expectations and behaviours is taking us.  We’ve gleaned expert input from 40+ of the world’s leading experts & futurists, global surveys (polling 370+ experts in our latest round) and curation of the best practices of the world’s top 100+ customer-driven organizations. Here’s some of the questions we asked in our last round.

We share the leading  statistical shifts,  expert insights and  in-­‐market  evidence  that  shows  what  actually  is changing  and furnish  tools,  strategies  and microtrends  to  extrapolate  opportunities  specific  to  your  audience(s),  channel(s), organization  or  industry. In a world of low customer trust, attention and time, amidst an exposition of media choice and possible solutions to their needs, the customer is always right has never been more true.

Compiled Via:

  • 370+ Expert surveys
  • 40+ Expert interviews
  • Evaluation for the top 100+ customer-driven brands
  • Curation of Customer Experience & Journey Studies
  • Industry leaders analysis , customized to your world


The Customer Zeitgeist© Top 20 Metatrends and 100 Microtrends

Nine Zeitgeist Themes – Customer-driven Organizational, Customer Experience & Business Model Overarching Shifts

The Customer Mandate – Toughest Challenges and Objectives to Master in a  Customer Age

The Eight Leading Brand Traits of the Future

The Most Customer-Disruptable Industries and Top Examples

The Fastest Rising Customer Trends & Technologies

Biggest Future Customer Leadership Skills, External Influences and Internal Barriers

The Future – Top Predictions, Biggest Winners, Interesting Debates and Understanding the Balance

What to Do Next? Practical Strategies, Tactics and Tools.


Expert Perspective:

“You need to get ahead to the future, ahead of your customers, and be ready to greet them when they arrive”  

— Marc Benioff, Founder & CEO, Salesforce 

Tap into the Customer Zeitgeist

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