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Not 10, Not 25, Not 50, but over 100 topics in Wikibrands’ universe of inspiring keynotes and insightful briefings. Evaluate the current best practices or take a peek into the future for every facet you wish. We are the Ben & Jerry’s of Transformation and the Netflix of Futureproofing & Trends. Always fresh, provocative and credible from the people who are good at thinking, talking AND doing the work.  Check out all of Wikibrand’s presentations in our six sections  below.

Wikibrand’s Full Listing of Keynotes & Briefings

The future awaits! Don’t miss it. Get equipped with this world-beating roster of thought leadership, practical guides and smart predictions of an accelerated future.

A1. The Buzz Report The Essential 30 Metatrends Driving Business, Vulture and Life Ahead

A2. Disruption Faster Culture, Fster Markets and Fstr Technology Over the Next 3.1 Years

A3. The 4Is of Business Disruption – Attacking and Defending The Four Types of Incumbents With Targets on Their Back

A4. The 2019/20 Futureproofing Growth Hockey Sticks – Mapping the 50 Fast-Moving Changes in Society, Culture, Tech & Business

A5. Sweat the Future  How to Search & Discover Future Possibilities as a Habit

A6. Science Fiction Storytelling – Imagine Potential Futures Through Sci-Fi Narratives

A7. The Future of Health Care Navigating the Next 5 years of Health Care Disruption

A8. The Future of Work – How the Workplace Morphs into a Much Different Future

A9. The Future of Energy & Utilities  – What Will Power Our Next Generation

A10. Digiball  How Tech Will Change the Sports We Watch, Fan, Lead, Train & Play

A11. The Future of Social Media – What The Next Facebook Looks Like

A12.The Future of Transportation – Navigating the Next Decade of Getting Around

A13. The Future of Education & Learning How Do We Shape the Minds of Tomorrow

A14. The Future of Travel, Tourism & Hospitality What Our Next Dream Destinations Act, Dream and Sound Like

A15. The Future of Media & Entertainment – Who Will Inform Us and How Will We Chill

A16. The Future of Truth & Trust – What and Who Will We Believe in the Future

A17. The Future of Housing, Real Estate and Construction – Where and How Will We Live Differently Over the Next Decade

A18. The Future of Gadgets – How Will Electronics and Hardware Change if Star Trek Has Its Way

A19. The Future of Banking and Finance What Colour Will Your Money Become

A20. The Future of Government & Public Service The Mandate of the Future Commons

A21. The Future of Agriculture & Food – From Trend to Table

A22. The Future of Retail, Commerce & Shopping How Will We Satisfy Our Purchase Gene

A23. The Future of Consumer Goods & Beverages – What CPG Looks Like in the Post-Product Era

A24. The Future of Insurance – Enabling the Empowered, Decentralized Marketplace

A25. The Future of Technology & Digital – Jump into Our Tardis

B1. The 2019/20 Digital & Technology Periscope   Looking Ahead to The Changing Ocean of Digital & technology Impacts

B2. The Emerging 30 What Technologies Will Change Our Next Decade The Most, and How

B3. The Best Practices of Digital Transformation – The Playbook to Make Organizations More Thoroughly Digital

B4. The Four – Which of These Technologies Will Win?

B5. AI for Business Decision Makers –  Turning Artificial Intelligence into Smarter Learning Functions for Organizations

B6. IoT for Business Decision Makers – Turning Devices & Connections into Business Intelligence & Economic Value

B7. Mobile & Social Media for Business Decision Makers  – Getting Serious Returns on Your Digital Media, Content and Software Investments

B8. Blockchain for Business Decision Makers Putting Blockchain to Work Inside The Enterprise

B9. Big Data for Business Decision Makers  – Translating Big Data Analytics into Insight & Action

B9. Immersive Media for Business Decision Makers Utilizing AR/.VR/MR/360° for Consumer, Organizational & Industrial Applications

B10. Automation & Robotics for Business Decision Makers – Delivering on the Promise of Digitally-Enabled Functions

B11. Cloud Computing for Business Decision Makers Turning As-A-Service Into a Business Driver

B12. 3D Printing for Business Decision Makers  – Turning Rapid Prototyping, Concept Development, Mass Customization and Additive Manufacturing on Its Head

B13. Cybersecurity for Business Decision Makers  – Letting Executives and Tech Leaders Sleep a Little Better at Night

B14. What’s Next in Mobile   Mobile’s Next Generation Infrastructure, Networks, Standards, Services & Devices

B15. Human-Computer Interaction – When Voice, Gesture, Bio, Touch, Haptics and Neuro Make Keyboards Seem so Old School

B16. The Transformation CXO Question Who Should Lead Your Organization into the Digital Future

B17. The Short History of Modern Digital – What We Cared About Digitally 1985-2020

B18. The Digital Workout How to Get Digitally Buff in 6 Hours a Week or Less

B19. Blockchain – New Ownership & Collaboration Mindsets – How Crypto Will Affect How We Work and Organize

B20. Blockchain Beyond The Bank – Exploring the 250+ Use Cases Beyond Just Bitcoin

B21. Blockchain & The CMO -Reshifting the Customer, Content, Community, Culture & Commerce Landscape

B22. The 2019/20 Blockchain Benchmark  – The Authoritative Global Study on Blockchain, Where It is Now and Where It’s Going

B23. Blockchain & The ICO  – Best Practices in Launching & Scaling Your Blockchain Project

B24. The 2019/20 Digital Transformation Report What’s Important and Changing in Your Digital Agenda

B25. Smart Cities – The Metro of the Future is Connected

C1. The 2019/2020 Customer Zeitgeist – What’s Up, What’s Down & What’s Next With Your Customers, Markets & Culture

C2. Applying the 12 Tenets of Wikibrands Reinvent Your Brand in a Customer-Driven Marketplace

C3. The 2019/20 Growth and Scale Field Guide – Leading Demand Generation and Inbound Marketing Practices

C4. Mastering On-Demand Marketplaces Delivering Platforms for Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow

C5. Zeitgeist Brands-  Leading Brands and Fast Companies Built for New Frontier

C6. What Customers Want  – What They Look For & What They Pay For

C7. Mapping Your Customer Experience – Auditing & Improving Yoru Customer Pleasure and Pain Points

C8. Putting the Sass into your SAAS – Step on the Accelerator Pedal with Your Online Business

C9. Once Upon a Time…  – The Science & Art of Storytelling in the Digital Age

C10. The Evolution of The CMO The Seven Roles of The Post-Modern, Chief Marketing Officer

C11. Optimizing the Funnel – Growth Hacking Your Customer’s Journey from Awareness-to-Advocacy

C12. The PR Zeitgeist – Fast-moving Changes Ahead for PR, Communications & Marketing

C13. Word of Mouth Mastery How to Get Noticed, Talked About and Endorsed

C14. Engaging Your Front Row Some of These Influencers & Advocates Are Not Like The Others

C15. The 36 Reasons Why We Talk – The Hard-wired Extrinsic, Intrinsic & Explicit Human Reasons Why We Talk

C16. Citizen Empathy in an Audience Democracy Creating Passion & Purpose with Passion & Purpose

C17. The Future of Housing, Real Estate and Construction – Where and How Will We Live Differently Over the Next Decade

C18. Business Personality Types – The 30 Core Ways That Business Think, Walk and Speak

C19. LinkedIn at 15 – How to Shine on The World’s Most Undervalued Social Network

C20. If the Customer is King, Content is Queen  – How to Deliver Inbound & Repeat Business Through Winning Content

C21. Taking a Brand Stand  – The Pros and Cons of Being Active in a Passionate World

C22. Welcome to The Impact Age  – Entering the Sixth Digital Era Where Utility & Outcomes Matter

C23. Online Communities  – It Takes a Village to Build a Brand

C24. Personal Branding in a Snapchat Age   – Everyone of Us is a Brand, Act Like It

C25. The Social Organization  – Thriving and Surviving as an Organization in Social Media

C26. Privacy and The Emerging Customer – New Practices, New Laws, New Ethos

C27. The Philosophy of Marketing The  Time-worn Fundamentals of Marketing Mechanics

D1. The 2019/20 Employer Brand Weathervane  – Culture, Talent & Leadership Transformation in a Digital Age

D2. “The 40” Culture, Talent & Engagement POWs to Improve The Smell of The Place

D3. The Automated Workplace How Humans and Robots Work Well Together

D4. Change & Resilience Superheroes – Championing Culture & Talent in the face of Massive Change

D5. Wikicareers –  Marrying Your Passion, Purpose and Proposition

D6. Science Fiction Storytelling Imagining Possible Futures Through Sci-Fi Narratives

D7. Engaged Employees are the Best Employees- How to Get Staff to Give a Damn

D8. Bridging The Skills Gap – What Companies Are Looking For and Not Finding

D9. Getting the Job You Want  – How To Improve Your Odds on Being Chosen

D10. The New Workplace Flexible, Digital, Virtual, Empowered, Free Agents

D11. Generational Values and Breakdowns – How Your Tribe Affects Your Beliefs, Habits & Differences

D12. How Generation Z is Shaping the Economy  – What Appeals to Them, What They Buy and How to Reach Them

E1. Business Transformation   Harness Your Five Change Levers & Navigating the Nine Stages of Organizational Shift

E2. The Transformation Maturity Audit  – The 15 Essential Ingredients for Transforming Your Business

E3. The 2019/20 Growth & Scale Field Guide – The Authoritative Study for Accelerating Your Scale Up or Corporate Venture

E4. Mind the Scale Gap Stuck Between a Startup and Corporate, What Do You Do?

E5. Executive Leadership 2020 –  Effective Leadership and Reputation Management in Change & Transformation

E6. Bootstrapping Success for Entrepreneurs in a Connected Age

E7. How to Outrun a Rhino Never Waste a Good Crisis

E8. Transform Your Context– Use Positioning to Turn Your Market Headwind into a Tailwind

E9. How to Think Like a Challenger and Win  Establishing a New Normal for Hungry Underdogs

E10. Leading the Charge  – How To Navigate, Steward & Quarterback Your Transformation

E11. 0 to 1 Startup  – Starting from a Blank Sheet to Launch and Beyond

E12. Dashboard: Success  How to Deliver Cross Company Views and Benchmarking on Performance, Metrics, Measures and Early Warnings

E13. The Strategic Roadmap – Building Aligned Vision, Mission, Values, Objectives, Goals, Strategics, Measures and Actions

E14. Scenario Virtuoso – Getting Predictive, Exploratory and Aspirational Planning Efforts to Play Like an Orchestra

E15. Change Just Doesn’t Happen –  Business Process Engineering & Continuous Improvement to Get From Here to There

F1.The 2019/20 Changemaker Labs   The Newest Art of Corporate Innovation, Business Modelling, Innovating and Pivoting

F2. Boom Hubs, Startup innovation Ecosystem Success   How and Where Healthy Tech Hubs Thrive

F3. Changing Your Company’s Innovation DNA – Moving the Organization to New Spectrums of Growth

F4. Launching for Innovation Success Hitting Product & Service Doubles, Triples & Home Runs

F5. Here Comes the Crowd Economy    Fourteen Ways the Crowd is Driving Business and Societal value

F6. Open Innovation Playbook – How to Explore, Exploit and Extract Collaboratively

F7. Creative Disruption – Shake Up Your Conventions and Game Change Innovate Before It Happens To You

F8. Perfecting Lean, Agile and Design Thinking –  Don’s Go Chasing Waterfalls

F9. Place-Based Innovation   Smarter Cities, Smarter Countries, Smarter Citizens

F10. Intrapreneurs   Innovating & Transforming From the Inside Out

F11. WikiCauses  – Innovation Lessons From the Most Engaged & Loved Causes

F12. Quantum Mosaic Mindmapping – Create Unrestrictive Brainstorming in Multiple Dimensions

F13. Digital-First, Retail Stores  Turning Retail Stores into Customer Experience Centres Through Technology

F14. The World Needs More Canada – A Northern Enterprising Spirit Emerges From the Shadows

F15. Innovating the Innovators –  How To Build Better Incubators, Accelerators, Research Centres and Corporate Labs

Wikibrands has pulled together the broadest and deepest range of keynotes and briefings about transformation and the future  Whether you are an industry association, executive board or business team, our collective will tell you in an unbiased way, what potential futures you have ahead of you. Don’t miss this chance to change to your perspective, alter your trajectory and get to the top-of-your-game.


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