Damn it, I woke up with a sniffly nose on Saturday and just realized that PodCamp Toronto was going on today and tomorrow. I love its grassroots and organic feel and don’t enjoy the fact I will miss it this year.  Don’t know if I should curse or praise Carolyn Van‘s Facebook post making me aware that February 25th did in fact come this fast.

So know that I will be following the hashtag #pcto2012 likely in my pajamas and following up with speakers I thought were interesting. If you are in town, I suggest getting yourself down to Ryerson University today and tomorrow morning for a bouillabaisse of new media opinion and hopefully some fresh content .

For those who can or even can’t, I decided to wordle the title of all 70+ presentations and here is an overview of what you will hear:

Good to see engagement still being emphasized. Mobile, content, ROI and LinkedIn were natural risers (although interesting no Twitter being talked about).

Social media and podcasting were naturals given the pedigree of the event and audience, but interesting that is was couched in evolutionary not revolutionary terms.

My personal fave top seven list of presentations on the slate are:

1. 6.5 million stories: how Canada’s largest museum is moving online

My colleague and friend Mark Farmer given a presentation on the Royal Ontario Museum’s retooling if its web and mobile experience

2. The Bout to Knock the Other One Out: Search vs. Social

David Jones, Danny Brown, Laurie Dillon-Schalk, Hessie Jones, Darryl Peddle and Steve Taylor debate who will come out on top in this increasingly interesting war for attention, action, time and commerce

3. Like, Follow, Share +1, Pin…What’s Next

I hope Melanie Masson’s panel follows through on the promise of prophecying the next wave of social when the dust settles as no one is providing that clarity (unless they of course, are pitching for the company and network they work for or are involved in)

#4 The Art of the Friend – What Networking really Means and How Social Media Can Take You There

Kevin Mcloughlin is on to something here in the increasingly shallow depth of online relationships and the misguided perception that just cause I connected with you once on Twitter, than I have checked my networking experience box  – I may have to tweet him for coffee later

#5 Pinterest – Understanding Why Pin Boards are All the Rage

Interesting that there was only one dedicated presentation to the “cat’s meow” of 2012 social networking, congrats to Margarita Ibbott on being the pioneer here

#6 Transmedia, Fandom and Housewives

Beyond the catchy title, Renee Mitson and Veronica Heringer dive into the attitudes, behaviours and beliefs of the hardcore fan – a study of great interest after interviewing a number of these overly-stoked souls for our book

#7 How to Build a Mobile Startup in Toronto

Milan Gokhale’s steps in the shoes of his #mobilestartupsTO meetup and talks about the challenges, opportunities and funding questions of going mobile





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