Customer Conversations about Financial Services is a subscription, social media brand tracking program that enables banks and other financial services to gain valuable insight about their brand, products, services and channels over time. The program supplements traditional brand survey programs by listening to what your customers are actually saying about your brand. Using advanced social media monitoring technology to track and analyze conversations, the program will determine the extent to which people are discussing brands and affiliated products, how they feel about them, the themes they are talking about, where the discussions are occurring and who the influencers are, and how the conversations are changing over time. It provides a cost-effective, value-added way for financial service companies to track customer conversations related to their brands in social media. In addition to monitoring conversations over time, the program enables you to benchmark your brand performance relative to a peer group. The program is administered by professional researchers at Konnex, who apply rigorous quality controls to produce more accurate results. In partnership with Mike Dover, author of Wikibrands, you are also provided with strategic insight to help guide your organization in the quest to better engage customer audiences in today’s social environment. If you are interested in subscribing to Customer Conversations About Financial Services or would like further information about the study, please click here. In the near future, we will be launching additional subscription research services that draw on social media sources and techniques. Check back soon or follow us to learn about these services as they unfold.

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