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What We Do

Connecting the Dots of Your Digital Marketplace

Although Wikibrands – The Book, represents a wake up call in how companies evolve their business and brand culture, strategies, activities and processes to become beacons of customer engagement, it’s only the start.

The missing ingredient that many companies experience is embedding customer participation, brand engagement and authentic collaboration as an ongoing behavior and something that they just do everyday, not a special project or beta test.

95% of us believe the customer experience is the new battleground for business, 8% of customers think they are getting a great experience from you. We’d like to bridge that chasm.

If you, your group or leadership team are serious about deriving the full scale of benefits out of customer engagement, we can help.

Our all-star collective of engagement pros and social brand advocates will “connect the dots”, bridge the chasm between strategy and execution and get your company winning in a customer-connected marketplace.

Whether it’s getting your internal teams aligned, your executive team committed, planning smart Wikibrand directions, executing key Wikibrand imperatives or seeding your customer’s point-of-view internally, we’ll help partner with you to get your organization moving in the right direction.

We offer five facets of Wikibrand services and 16 distinctive offerings to jumpstart your business, your brand and pipeline of innovation:

Wikibrand Facets

  • Facet One- Getting Inspired for Change
  • Facet Two – Identifying Direction and Opportunities
  • Facet Three – Building Capabilities and Embedding Behaviours
  • Facet Four – Rolling Up Sleeves and Tackling Big Ideas
  • Facet Five – Executing and Resourcing Awesomeness

Wikibrand Services

1) Kickstarters short term engagements to get your efforts moving or moving further

Keynote Presentations – informative, passionate and customized presentations by Sean Moffitt, architect and founder of Wikibrands, across over 20+ relevant topics.

Thoughtleader Camps – themed 1⁄2 and full day sessions with Wikibrands principals and global thoughtleaders on 12+ core coverage areas.

Management Workshops – an interactive and hands-­on session with your executive team including advance surveys, Buzz Report findings and Wikibrand tools.

Business Team Immersions – a bespoke combo of emerging trends, market insights, core priorities, opportunities portfolio and alignment on next steps and priorities

Innovation Offsites – a customized 1-­4 day session designed to deliver a hothouse of customer-driven ideas, breakthrough opportunities and change orientation around key thematic(s).

II) Deep Dive Engagements – special approaches addressing key opportunities, challenges and gaps

Training Programs – ongoing live and web-­based digital engagement covering off The World is a Blur trends, FLIRT strategy, MILCC sustainability and other engagement/innovation imperatives.

Executive Bootcamps – ongoing one-­to-­one/small group sessions focused on executive education of new opportunities, media, insight and/or technologies.

Fusion Labs – cross-­industry partnering and sharing of best practices on a core opportunity/issue.

Industry Roundtables – building peer-­to-­peer discovery and collaboration on core opportunities/issues.

Digital Engagement/Experience Audits – providing a full grading and forensics on digital, customer, marketing and innovation capabilities.

Proprietary Research – participation in Wikibrands’ ongoing annual/quarterly studies or specific requested white papers.

III) Partnered Approaches – “joined at the hip” longer term approaches linking strategy to execution

Outsourced Marketing – 3-­12 month stewardship of marketing/ communication/digital resources & assets.

Outsourced Innovation – resourcing ideas, capabilities, operations, technologies and partners and validating market impact, culture, fit and profitability of a company’s innovation pipeline.

Digital Accelerators – development/management of upstream, seed and test innovation and tech. initiatives.

Ongoing Consulting – project or retainer-­‐based management oversight of key customer, digital, innovation and marketing initiatives.

Content/Community Marketing – orchestrating and managing digital content and activities designed to be noticed, talked about and advocated.