Today we talked about Futureproofing and Corporate innovation Futureproofing more specifically.


The world is moving 7.7x faster than it did a generation ago – technology is changing at breakneck speed, business has sped up and culture & people are following suit. As a company, blink and you may miss the future. In this Futurerproof episode series, we peer into the future and we project, forecast, predict and occasionally pontificate what our business future holds for us. Some of the world’s best researchers, trend-aware observers and planners bring their A-game to the discussion. Strap yourselves in, this could be a bumpy ride.


in this webcast, Wikibrands’ growth and transformation expert Doyle Buehler and three esteemed innovation professionals Sharon McIntyre, Paul Barter and Sean Moffitt addressed eight questions about the essential, yet perplexing subject of Corporate Innovation and Business Model Reinvention in advance of our  ambitious research study “The Corporate Innovation Playbook”. 


In our 20+ minutes of internet fame, we covered off:

  1. What is futureproofing?
  2. Why is corporate innovation so difficult? Is it a failure or planning, leadership or execution?
  3. What’s changed to heighten the need for corporate innovation?
  4. What are you adding to the corporate innovation bank of knowledge by your study “The Corporate Innovation Playbook”?
  5. How have the best practices for corporate innovation changed recently and how will it change going forward
  6. How has the competition and future threats to business models been changing?
  7. What are the common hurdles that businesses businesses, especially compared to startups?
  8. What is Wikibrands doing to confront the futureproofing issues – research, workshop, event, client focus?


The Futureproof Episode #1 – Questions, Discussion and Debates on Corporate Innovation


Episode Panelists:

Host: Doyle Buehler, CEO, Breakthrough Digital


Paul Barter, Managing Director, Paul Barter & Associates
Sharon McIntyre Co-Founder & Process Lead, New Cottage Industries & Co.
Sean Moffitt, Managing Director, Wikibrands


Lifespans of firms are shortening. Technology is causing wideapan disruption. Customers are adjusting at breakneck speed. From one perspective, start-ups have it easy – they are nimble,  pivot quickly and their risks are limited.. Entrepreneurial guru Steve Blank defined a start-up as ‘a temporary organization set up to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.’ A corporation on the other hand is a permanent organization responsible for operating an established business – profitably!


How do mature organizations balance the requirement to earn a profit with the need to continuously innovate new products, services and businesses in a rapidly changing market? Let’s have some of the study’s architects debate the topic and some of the hot button issues..Plus: In our just launching Corporate Innovation Playbook, Wikibrands (and partners) are identifying the whys, hows, whats and whos of effective business modelling and product & service innovation as seen through the eyes of successful large companies, startups. scallops,  academic and Innovation experts.


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