I loved helping organize, curate and kickoff the first-ever Crowdsourcing Week in Singapore. It was time well spent – 50+ presentations with speakers from 20+ countries – amazing insight and new connections. Congrats to the organizers on such a well crafted week of insight.

With Kickstarter launching in Canada and regulatory changes surrounding crowdfunding and social finance, it gave me pause to consider, what’s next for Wikibrands in crowdsourcing?

Three things:

1) we’re looking at bringing Crowdsourcing Week to North America, and perhaps centred in Toronto

2) we’re also looking to field a global survey and thought paper on Crowdsourcing – we hope to get your input

3) and we are also looking at adding a crowdsourcing consulting piece to our 2014 offerings

Let us know if you’d like to collaborate on this nascent area that is only going to get bigger and better and has four things going for it that social media has proven challenged by : passion, merit, purpose and a money trail.


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