#1 The WikiSports Listthe Top 100 Most Valuable Sports Teams in the World – Manchester United comes in first overall, Dallas Cowboys at #5, Yankees at #10, Knicks at #50 and Montreal Canadiens at #81 (courtesy BrandFinance)

#2 The WikiSEAsia List – Top 20 Social Brands in South East Asia – Air Asia, Yamaha Motors and Surfer Girl land on the podium, nice infographic too (courtesy Zocial)

#3 The WikiYouth List  – Top 100 Youth Brands in UK – Cadbury, Skype, Boots and Cancer Research UK (courtesy The Beans Group)

#4 The WikiStartup List  – The Digital 100 List – the most valuable digital enterprises in start-up mode – they listed 103, but who is counting – Alibaba, 360Buy and Palantir were surprises for me  (courtesy Business Insider)

#5 The WikiAuto List  – The Top Loyal Car Company and Models List – Toyota has 47% of returning customers, Chevrolet Sonic was the top individual model with 60% intending to repurchase and Ford had 6 of the top 10 individual models (courtesy Experian Automotive)

#6 The WikiInstagram ListThe Top 10 Brands on Instagram – MTV, Starbucks and Burberry top the list – great to see a luxury brand in there – some stats on MTV : 860,000 followers on Instagram, photos are  typically “liked” more than 10,000 times  and comments often exceed 300 (courtesy Business 2 Community)

#7 The WikiLuxury ListThe Top 10 Smartest Luxury Facebook IQ brands – BMW, Clinique (wait Clinique is Luxury) and Audi have 175, 165 and 156 Facebook IQs respectively – I like Jeff Bullas’ smart fourfold  breakdown of criteria – size and velocity, programming, engagement and integration (courtesy Jeff Bullas)

#8 The WikiLoyalty ListThe Top 100 Most Brand Loyal Brands – Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Call of Duty, Halo and Twitter permeate the top brands, 21 of the 100  are new this year vs. last, Sephora, Starbucks and Ford are the biggest gainers, Netflix, Bing and Blackberry are the biggest losers – brand with real emotion connection are the key (courtesy BrandKeys )

#9 The WikiPolitics ListThe Top Republican, Democratic and Independent brands – with the election just days away, Fox is on top for the elephant party, Google is on top for the donkey party and Amazon is king of independent voters but why oh why are M&Ms a democratic confectionary and Cheerios a Republican cereal? (courtesy YouGov)

#10 The WikiEngagement ListThe Top 10 Socially Engaged Global Brand List – Samsung rules the roost but watch out for Intel (Gangham-style video), Burberry (fashion show coverage) and Converse (showcasing All-Star brands) (courtesy Starcount)

#11 The WikiCauses ListThe Top 100 and 400 U.S.-based Fundraisers – a great tracker (albeit tough font size) on how they have switched over the years, United way topped the list but that wasn’t always the case – worthy of a folllow up (courtesy Chronicle of Philanthropy)

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