In the wake of tech luminary and photogenic Google-now-turned-Yahoo rockstar CEO Marissa Mayer @marissameyer (208k followers), it just seems like CEOs who are on social channels are more authentic, inspirational and just plain cooler than their abstaining peers. It may even be that they are more successful.

The stats suggest a rare universe of CEOs who actually embrace their social soul :  only 26% are on LinkedIn, 8% percent are present on Facebook,  4% percent use Twitter, and less than 1 percent use Google+ (source: DOMO).

Here are 9 of my fave social CEOS and some of their more astute twitter observations:

1. Doug Ulman, CEO, Livestrong @LIVESTRONGCEO  Klout: 58



One of the most frequent tweeting CEOs, very human and compassionate. It says something when your charity has 300k+ followers and you as the CEO has 1.1 million followers.

“Lunch w/ all of our interns is my favorite lunch of the semester! I learn so much from the group…and so greatly appreciate their service!”

2. Peter Aceto, CEO, ING Direct Canada, @CEO_INGDIRECT Klout:49



C’mon you CEOs in highly regulated industries, if a leading bank CEO can be a rallying social force for change, so should you. No excuses.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done – A quote by N. Mandela that relates to my new blog post on entrepreneurs 

3. Nancy Lublin, CEO , Do Something, @nancylublin  Klout: 71



Irreverent do-gooder who has a great cause. If you truly believe in the cause you lead, why wouldn’t you want to lead from the front of the parade.

@wharman @paulclolery @ntenhross @aaron_hurst @diaviv i just met you, and this is crazy, but i’m up for a lipdub, so call me maybe.”

4. Mark Cuban, CEO, Dallas Mavericks, @mcuban  Klout: 78



Always courting smart controversy as owner of Dallas Mavericks and lifelong entrepreneur. A widebandth of topics incl. sports, basketball, technology, money & deals, entrepreneurship and taxes. Why not be a magnet for attention if you can back it up?

“The IOC paid the USOC 138mm for all sports last Olympics. The NBA will pay >340mm to players participating this Olympics.” 

5. Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and CEO, NewsCorp @rupertmurdoch Klout: 67



Say what you will about dubious journalism and phone tapping, Rupert Murdoch has found his soapbox at the spry age of 81. Octagenerian CEOs rule!

“Who will speak up for honest underpaid Brit working families? Tories, Lib-dems, Labour, even Church, all seem broken or breaking.”

6. Richard Branson, CEO- Virgin Group @richardbranson Klout: 78



The uber-celebrity CEO is custom-made for the open and transparent social web. He lets it all hang out there. People can’t mistake who this man is after reading his Twitter page. Apparently interesting too…2.3 million followers and counting.

“Finished #50shadesofgrey. A bit Mills & Boon. When it comes to erotic fiction you can’t beat the originals! 

7. Loic Lemeur, Founder of Seesmic and LeWeb @loic Klout: 76



One of the more human executives of the Silicon Valley set, he shows that he has more dimensions and passions then just the web and deal-making. Perhaps it’s because he is from France.

“Tasting Corsica wine! (in case you dont know French I… (w/@rodrigo, Geraldine, & 3 others at Le Roi De Rome) [pic] — 

8. Michael Dell CEO, Dell @michaeldell Klout: 68 



One of only four Fortune 100 CEOs. Buffett and SuperValu’s and Best Buy’s CEO are the other. What’s everybody else’s’ excuse.  Social is a great medium to knit together this global colossus called Dell with an occasional human face.

“Dell Social Innovation Challenge students ask “what if” and then achieve inspired answers. 

9. Dave Morin, CEO – Path @davemorin Klout: 70

When you are the small guy, you have to punch harder, wider and louder. Although his startup Path has been restaged twice and is still infinitesimally small versus Facebook, CEO Dave Morin really generated the press and following. Important learning for others, regardless of industry. One of the reasons is that he shines the light on others, not just himself. Reciprocity still counts for something.

This is amazing. @lazerow is one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs & best human beings I know. God bless & congrats: 

Attached is Reuters and Klout’s top 50 CEO in social.

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