Episode #2 – Futureproofing –

“The 30 Metatrends That Will Change Everything”

Our future-savvy squad of the Wikibrands Collective discussed the big, big, big trends that will affect everything business, government and causes do over then next decade. In our tallest-minded discussion we’ve had yet, you’ll hear about the biggest impacts culled from our research The Buzz Report  and our expert commentary on what was on the list, where they were ranked and implications for you.
Metatrends30 Jill Doyle Baron Sean

Episode Panelists:

Host: Doyle Buehler, CEO, Breakthrough Digital
  • Jill Roseberg, Co-founder and Creative Strategist, Ideacentral
  • Baron Manett, President, Per Se Brand Experience
  • Sean Moffitt, Managing Director, Wikibrands


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