Sean Moffitt

Sean Moffitt, Managing Director, Wikibrands

Sean Moffitt, Co-Author of Wikibrands

Sean is a well-recognized thought leader in company innovation, brand leadership, social influence marketing and online community building, marrying his passion for grassroots engagement, digital technologies and the brand. He has been an executive-level marketer, agency leader and consultant, in roles bridging the traditional and digital divide for over 15 years.

As an answer to business’ future, Sean founded Agent Wildfire in 2004 – a leading marketing, media and research firm dedicated to customer advocacy and innovation, word of mouth, influencer marketing, online communities, social media and buzz-building. Located in Toronto, he now continues and expands that work for startups, Fortune 500s and executive teams by leading the Wikibrands customer engagement hub and consultancy (

Sean has previously led the direction of Canada’s best known brands at Molson, Guinness, Labatt, Procter & Gamble and others as a client and agency partner. He speaks frequently on the subject of new marketing and media (see range of topics below), chairing national conferences, speaking internationally and commenting in national broadcast and top print media and lecturing at universities across a variety of topics. Sean is also an executive consultant to Don Tapscott’s firm Moxie Insight , executive counsel to Canada’s largest business incubator MaRS and helps executive and brand teams power the collaborative enterprise.

You can also spot his rants and musings on new economy subjects through his blogs “Buzz Canuck” . He spearheads two Canadian executive networks “The League of Kickass Business People”  and “The League of Kickass Under 30” and leads two lifestyle media startups Generation Go and TrendCity.  He has also authored an annual research report on Canadian marketing and media “The Buzz Report”, a number of critically acclaimed white papers on new media topics and is a columnist for Smart Brief on Social Media.

Connect with Sean:

LinkedIn Twitter, Facebook, his personal blog and email.

Here is a sampling of topics Sean keynotes, speaks and leads workshops about:

Company Transformation/Reinvention

  • Reinventing Company/Brand Culture
  • The New Innovation Manifesto
  • Delivering Social Value – Building Profit Through Authenticity, Transparency, Openness and Dialogue
  • The 6th and Last Company Lever – Customer Innovation
  • Moving from “Social Media” to “Social Business” – The Hard Won Lessons from the world’s leading 100 transformed companies
  • Leading the Tribe – The New Chief Marketing Officer and Team
  • The Executive Primer – The CEO Need to Knows on the New Marketplace

Brand Culture

  • The World of Wikibrands – the best strategies and tactics for you
  • The Age of Participation – the Brand is Social
  • Busted – Debunking The 20 Myths of New Marketing
  • The Un-Agency – Transforming Your Partners for Today’s Marketplace

Customer Experience

  • The FLIRT Model of Customer Engagement
  • Customer Experience Awesomeness
  • The Awesome, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – The Best and Worst Customer Practices of Today’s Companies

Online Community

  • Online Communities – It Takes a Community to Build a Brand
  • The Zen of Community Management – 15 Essential Skills
  • The Stage Growth Management of Community
  • The 50 Questions You Need to Ask
  • The Richter Scale of Member Participation

New Media/Marketing Strategies & Tactics

  • Crowdsourcing, Collaboration and Co-innovation
  • The Art of Digital Storytelling
  • Measuring the Social-sphere – How We Make Sense of Poking, Chatting and Following
  • The New Face of Sports and Active Lifestyle Marketing

Word of Mouth and Social Influence

  • Spreading Wildfire – Word of Mouth, Referrals, Evangelism, Buzz and Viral
  • Humans are Social Animals and The 36 Reasons Why We Talk
  • It’s not just a Facebook Page – The 14 Elements of a Social Company
  • Content Talks – The Brand as Media

Social Media

  • The Social Media Octopus – Where You Need to Be and Why?
  • Social Media 101, 201 and 301 – The Chattering Class is Now in Session
  • The Fourth Social Wave – Next Stop: Local, Mobile and Social
  • Smart Social Media Policy, Rules, Guidelines and Customs
  • The Eight Highly Effective Habits of Corporate Tweeters


  • Engaging The Influencers – Developing Your Company’s VIPs
  • The Six Types of Influencers – Who are They and What Do They Want?
  • Measuring Influence – The Key Barometer of Digital Clout


  • The Future of New Media and Marketing
  • The Buzz Report – the zeitgeist on digital, marketing and media
  • Trend City – the big trends from 30 lifestyle segments


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