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Measurement is Sexy and the 9 Reasons Why

[ 0 ] June 21, 2012 |
Measurement is Sexy – Wikibrands

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Let’s be honest when you hear about presentation on measurement, you likely think “this might be valuable but dry as melba toast”. Right?

When asked by the Canadian Marketing Association to wrap up their Social Media Conference on one of the more vexing issues about social media “measurement”, I made sure I at least provided some level of provocation and intrigue.

I titled the presentation “Measurement is Sexy” and made the adroit comparison that the same things that made people sexy also made measurement sexy. Here’s my list of nine:

– They are both intimate

– They are both “going places” in life

– They are both very important to us

– They are both fit – well-honed and practices in staying in shape

– They are both good listeners

– They are both attractive

– They both have many talents and connections – that can reach deep down and help us get a full picture

– They both are responsive to needs

– They both can tell a great story

So how about it? Have we turned metric nerviness and measurement geekdom on its head. Have a read, let me know and add to the comparisons.

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