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Tired of the smug, all style/no substance keynote presentation? Yeah, so are we. Wikibrands has built the best collection of topics and speakers, with the freshest insights on subjects you want to hear about. Why not try our group of exciting keynoters who actually talk AND do the work.  Check out our collection of 100+ keynotes.

Variety of Keynotes 100+

Rating of Keynotes (4.5/5)

Number of Countries Presented In

Number of Keynotes Annually 200+

Wikibrands' Leading Presentations Across Today's Most Relevant Topics:
Innovation & Disruption: New Business Models, Market Entries, Pivots, Threats, Opportunities & Potential Futures
  • Metatrends – The Big Macro, Geo-Political, Socio-Economic Drivers of The Next Decade
  • Industry Disruption & Foresights
  • New Business Models & Strategies
  • Corporate Innovation & Routes to Next Stage Success
  • Business Model Canvas & Planning
  • Design, Lean and Agile Thinking
  • Innovation Schools & Levers
  • Product & Service Innovation
  • Open Innovation and
  • Regional Innovation Ecosystems
  • Scaleups and Breakthroughs
  • Startups & Entrepreneurship
  • Accelerators, Incubators and Early Stage Support
Leading Winning Business - Pulling the Most Effective Levers in Our Fast-Changing Economy
  • Business Transformation
  • Digital-First Companies
  • Bootstrappers – Success for Entrepreneurs in the Connected Age
  • Hockey-stick Growth Cuirves
  • Faster Companies
  • Leadership & Governance
  • Vision, Purpose & Strategies
  • Benchmarking & Measurement
  • Scenario & Contingency Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Process Engineering
  • Crisis Management
Navigating Emerging Technology - How To Anticipate, Apply & Implement Tech for Decision Makers
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Technology & Digital Trends
  • Uses and Applications
  • Digital Transformation
  • Artificial Intelligence for Business Decision Makers
  • Internet of Things for Business Decision Makers
  • Mobile for Business Decision Makers
  • Social Media for Business Decision Makers
  • Blockchain for Business Decision Makers
  • Immersive Media (AR/VR/MR) for Business Decision Makers
  • Robotics & Automation for Business Decision Makers
  • 3D Printing for Business Decision Makers
  • Cloud Computing for Business Decision Makers
  • Cybersecurity for Business Decision Makers
  • Collaborative Tech. and Online Communities for Business Decision Makers
  • Voice/Digital Assistants and Human/Computer Interaction
  • Customer Experience Technologies & Personalization
Connecting with Customers, Citizens and Stakeholders: Creative World Class Engagement & Experiences
  • Emerging Customer & Marketplace Trends / Customer Zeitgeist
  • Wikibrands – Hard-won Lessons from the Top 100 Customer Organizations
  • Marketing & Brand Engagement
  • Customer Experience & Insights
  • Customer Journeys & Personas
  • Branded Content & Social Business
  • New, Digital, Mobile and Social Media
  • Inbound Marketing, Growth Hacking & Demand Generation
  • eCommerce and Online Business
  • Search Engine Optimization & Marketing
  • Brand, Purpose & Storytelling
  • Not-for-Profit Cause Building & Fundraising
  • Word of Mouth, Referrals, Evangelism, Buzz and Viral
  • The Future of Marketing, Digital and Brands
  • The Digital Generation: Employee and Consumer
  • Crowdsourcing – Co-­‐Innovation, Co-­‐Development and Co-­‐Ownership
  • Zeitgeist Brands – This Year’s Top Performing Brands
  • The New Chief Marketing Officer
Culture, Talent & Leadership for The Digital Age
  • Culture & Talent Trends
  • Employer Brand and Reputation in the Connected Age
  • The Engaged & Digital CEO/Executive
  • The Future-Savvy Executive Board
  • The Empowered Employee
  • Change & Resilience Superheroes
  • The People Side of Transformation
  • HR Tech
  • Scaling Cultures
  • Personal Branding
  • WikiCareers – Investing in Yourself
  • The Future of Education
Futureproofing - Industry & Audience -Specific Presentations About What's Next
  • The Art & Science of Futureproofing
  • The Future of Health Care, Pharma & Biotech
  • The Future of Education & Learning
  • The Future of Public Service & Government
  • The Future of Retail, Commerce & Shopping
  • The Future of Banking & Finance
  • The Future of Insurance
  • The Future of Technology & Digital
  • The Future of Transportation
  • The Future of Travel, Tourism & Hospitality
  • The Future of Energy & Utilities
  • The Future fo Telecoms & Communications
  • The Future of Sports, Leisure & recreation
  • The Future of Media & Entertainment
  • The Future of Electronics, Hardware and Gadgets
  • The Future of Consumer Goods and Beverage
  • The Future of Agriculture & Food
  • The Future of Apparel, Fashion & Luxury goods
  • The Future of Not-for-profits & Causes
  • The Future fo Professional Services
  • The Future of Housing, Real estate & Construction
  • The Future of The Customer Experience
  • The Future of Innovation & Business Models
  • The Future of Work & Careers
  • The Future of Startups & Entrepreneurship
Why Wikibrands' Presentations Deliver What Our Audiences and Clients Really Need :
Customizable to Each Audience
Unlike the standard talking head, “canned” presentation, all of Wikibrands’ presentations are customizable to industry, organization, size & sophistication of audience and team situation. Most formats can be presented, workshopped or provide the springboard to deeper client engagements.
Credible & Professional
Unlike fast-talking, insta-experts, the Wikibrands’ collective has not only presented on some of the world’s top stages, but they have actually put in the hard work as clients, startups, agencies, consultants and practitioners. Their pragmatic insights and in-market observations are a by-product of leading-edge research and leveraging a top-flight network of global colleagues and partners
Energetic & Empathetic
Good presentations and workshops need to enthrall, entertain and tell a story, in order for the learnings to stick. Wikibrands’ presentations standardly receive the top marks from associations and corporations based on great sticky content, personal likability, and enthusiastic delivery.
Practical & Valuable
Every one of Wikibrands’ presentations and workshops leaves audiences with a new, distinctive way of thinking, a summary of the big headlines and a listing of what participants can take back to the office.
Fresh & Up-to-Date
Tired of seeing the same recycled insights? Wikibrands stays current in each and every one of its interest areas by interacting with the key industry players and subject matter experts, leveraging the best industry insights and tapping into proprietary research that will shape client and audience’s worlds now, and over the next decade.
Great Value
We’re not the cheapest game in town, but versus the established “speaker circuit”, our speakers arguably provide more experience and credibility at a fraction of the cost.
Unparalleled Breadth of Topics
We cover off more than 100 possible topics – more than what’s possible with any individual speaker and frequently, any speaker bureau. If your organization or audience needs change, innovation, transformation or a peak into the future, we likely have you covered.

Wikibrand’s Keynotes & Briefings on Today’s Most Relevant Topics

if you are an executive, business team, event organizer,  we likely have a keynote presentation or professional briefing that matches your audience or situation. And we will likely do it better, more flexibly and with superior impact.
Wikibrands has pulled together the broadest and deepest range of keynotes and briefings about transformation. Whether you are an industry association, executive board or business team, our collective will tell you in an unbiased way, what potential futures you have ahead of you. Finally, a group of thought leaders and practitioners that not only talk a good game but actually DO the work as well.  Don’t miss your future, have a look at our full list of keynotes here.


Take the first step to a better future, get inspired, get educated and get moving, helped by our expert team...

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