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Is Your Organization Digitally Engaged? The EQ (Engagement Quotient) Poll

[ 1 ] May 11, 2012 |

I’ve seen enough home makeover shows now to know that people should really start to recognize the tricks that make an otherwise middling looking home turn into a “way-over asking price” future noose around your home-purchasing neck.

If you only spent more time, to see the signs of a savvy flipper before you made the investment (e.g. fresh coat of paint, new carpet over bad floor, candles alight in the middle of day, vanilla incense). For shame.

Well guess what? The same thing exists for companies. You may think you are joining one of the more grassroots-friendly, new technology-embracing firms but look for the signs.

Here’s a simple 100 pt. survey to give you some insight into whether you’re joining the Zappos of your industry or the estranged “ostrich head in the sand” digital laggard. Anything under 50 pts. and start running for the hills.

A) Executive – Does the  CEO champion digital engagement?  (10 pts.)

  • 10 pts. – If your CEO actively participates in digital engagement
  • 7.5 pts. – If your CEO frequently praises engagement work
  • 5 pts. – If your CEO is aware and conversant on digital matters
  • 2.5 pts. – If your CEO at least is aware which social channels you are on (or not on)
  • 0 pts. – If your CEO doesn’t use a computer  and still presents by acetates.

B) Priority – Does digital engagement show up prominently in your annual strategy and what you track? (10 pts.)

  • 10 pts. – If digital engagement is the focus of one of your company’s top 5 strategies
  • 7.5 pts. – If digital engagement is a core metric that gets monitored and is in the top 10 measures company-wide
  • 5 pts. –  If you at least have some beta tests or experiments that may lead to expansion
  • 2.5 pts. – If you have a company-wide ban from using social media at work
  • 0 pts. – If you’ve never heard  digital engagement/web 2.0 or any of its cousins brought up as a potential key business driver (or have brought it up only to be laughed at mockingly).

C) Rewards – Do you celebrate digital engagement milestones company-wide? (10 pts.)

  • 10 pts. – If the person responsible for digital engagement has a regular portion of time at your company update meetings
  • 7.5 pts. – If digital engagement is frequently referenced in your monthly management meeting updates
  • 5 pts. – If at least 5-10% of your company, at some point, have gotten together at some point and celebrated a company digital achievement or milestone in digital engagement
  • 2.5 pts. – If at least some employees have ever retweeted, reposted or commented on your digital activities
  • 0 pts. – If being digitally engaged is viewed as a career limiting thing, not an asset.

D) Openness – Do you feel empowered to express support for your company in public, social media freely?  (10 pts.)

  • 10 pts. – If you are entirely free to post what you want, when you want and how you want as a company employee (hopefully with rules and training in place)
  • 7.5 pts.- If you have a digital engagement certification process that once completed allows you to speak on the company’s behalf in social media
  • 5 pts. – If, within some defined confines, you are allowed to support and rebroadcast digital content the company puts out
  • 2.5 pts. – If you are allowed to post in social media, but everything needs to be pre-moderated.
  • 0 pts. – If the most prominent thought you have in your head is “will this post get me fired?” .

E) Education – Do you feel the required rules, guidelines and training have been provided to support digital engagement? (10 pts.)

  • 10 pts. – If you have a robust and continuing series of educational support forums and roster of people you can talk to when faced with a new challenge or question
  • 7.5 pts. – If you have a supportive manager who can guide you and a set of digital engagement rules and/or policies in place
  • 5 pts. – If at least some of you have muddled together an informal, unofficial way of how to operate online
  • 2.5 pts. – If you are doing digital engagement by “smoke and mirrors” and your work is being led by the youngest intern in the company
  • 0 pts. – If you look around and have most employees stare back at you blankly as you state the words “hashtag”, “news feed” or “Google +”.

F) Transparency – Do you have a free flowing exchange of information and insight, enabled by technology? (10 pts.)

  • 10 pts. – If your key operational rules are posted throughly, openly and publicly to all inside and outside the firm.
  • 7.5 pts. – If your key operational rules are posted throughly, openly and publicly to all inside the firm.
  • 5 pts. – If there are some episodic forums to get candid answers from company executive on operating practices and values.
  • 2.5 pts. – If information is shared, but used as an implement of power to only people who count or should be rewarded.
  • 0 pts. – If your company is among the highest ranking political, close-mouthed and eerily spooky tight-lipped in their day-to-day operations.

G) Culture – Does support for digital engagement pervade what you do everyday, from the boardroom to the frontlines?  (10 pts.)

  • 10 pts. – If from the CEO to the executive assistant, conversation regularly involves the customer, digital engagement, being progressive or doing the right things
  • 7.5 pts. – If there is a spirit alive in your company where you believe nearly 1/2 the people around you are “getting it” or “starting to get it”
  • 5 pts. – If there are pockets of people over lunch or social situations that seem to have a good digital head on their shoulders and know how to use it
  • 2.5 pts. – If your company has never seen an iPad or a leading edge smartphone, and the first question asked when digital is mentioned is risk, ROI or cost.
  • 0 pts. – If your company is where people go to die, thinking that 1982 really was the best year to ever do business.

H) Incentive –  Do you feel like my manager supports me in time, reward, risks and resources for digital engagement efforts? (10 pts.)

  • 10 pts. – If your managers provide the appropriate levels of resource to be in the top ranking digital engaged companies across any category
  • 7.5 pts. –  If your managers provide the appropriate levels of resource to be in the top ranking digital engaged companies in your category
  • 5 pts. – If there is designated time in your work plan and work week to get some digital engagement work done
  • 2.5 pts. – If your time on digital engagement is viewed as time that could be spent more valuably doing something else
  • 0 pts. – If your company openly resents anybody and anything that talks about your company in digital circles.

I) Values – Do you have an ethos that every staff person can believe in and get excited about? (10 pts.) 

  • 10 pts. – If most of the people in your company can distinguish why people work there and why they should be excited about communicating that digitally, whether told to or not.
  • 7.5 pts. –  If their is a pretty good collective sense of “this is who we are” and some people are taking independent initiative to step forward, and be counted and recognized, in digital spaces without presence of incentive for doing so.
  • 5 pts. – If there is a hope that better days are ahead and a light is at the end of the tunnel, where your company can graduate to being cool, engaged, entertaining and harnessing their talent effectively offline and online
  • 2.5 pts. – If the company culture is toxic with glimmers of light that keep the semblance of hope that you can at least aspire to be average
  • 0 pts. – If the majority of your company feels disempowered, disengaged and openly resents the company they are working for and are willing to sabotage or tear it down publicly and openly.

J) Participation – is participation in digital media widely adopted and coordinated across the organization? (10 pts.)

  • 10 pts. – If more than 75% of the company is passionately in digital/social spaces and their effort is being coordinated
  • 7.5 pts. –  If more than 50% of the company is intrigued and participating, sometimes unpromptedly, in support of your company in digital/social spaces
  • 5 pts. – If there is a hardcore of 10%+ of your company who are keeping the fire lit and spending a portion of their non-working hours tending to digital/social spaces
  • 2.5 pts. – If digital engagement is strictly a 9-5pm thing, practiced by only people sanctioned and paid to do it
  • 0 pts. – If you are reading this quiz, and realizing you are the only one in your organization that cares.
How how did your fare? If you can acceptably do it, let me know your organization’s answers.

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