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“The Corporate Innovation Playbook” is the one of the most comprehensive studies on the pragmatic aspects of getting innovation planned and done inside companies. What are the biggest contributors and barriers to mapping out and implementing innovation inside companies? What are companies doing now?  Why? What is their potential impact on their overall business? What will change? What are their unfair challenges & advantages vs. startups?


This study, conducted by our futureproofing and transformation firm Wikibrands and built in partnership with global innovation experts at Catalyst3, 5&Vine, iScale, J5, Liminal, New Cottage Industries & Co, Paul Barter & Associates,  Scope Communications and Wikibrands, will interview over 40 corporate innovation leaders and survey more than 250+ innovation practitioners and experts to answer these questions and more. We find too much innovation research to be focused on early stage companies or elegant, but “head in the clouds” academic analysis, we want to distill the DNA of “innovation in the wild”.


We are hoping the results go to some length in providing answers to: improving corporate innovation growth & success rates, identifying the right types of leadership, ambitions and routes to market, presenting relatable lighthouse case examples, and understanding the future pace, evolution, attractive business models, headlines and debates facing corporate innovators over the next five years.

Simple Objective, Deep Discovery

From the start we set off ambitiously to explore the corporate innovation questions we always wanted answer. The goal – how do we do better? The journey – a kaleidoscope of insights, foresights and substantive analysis.


Practitioners & Experts SURVEYED

Corporate innovation Questions Answered

Years of Innovation Expert Experience



As we dove into our research discovery , it became clear that corporate innovators have two pragmatic, time-based needs:

“Where are we now? and How do I compare to  others now?”

“Where is it all shifting to in the future? How will this affect my planning ahead?”

So we’ve pulled together our best set of investigations about innovation for the now AND later. Consider it our version of an innovation “main course” and “dessert”.  Join us on the excursion, by answering our two 15 minute surveys below.


Innovation models are elegant and informative, but they treat all situations the same. They’re not. Top performers are different than strugglers.  Corporate innovation is different than early stage. Industry expectations vary. Planning innovation is different from implementing it. Our group is determined to mine those shades of innovation grey.

Through a wide selection of industry respondents, involving top-performing executive leaders and front line troops, the Corporate Innovation Playbook is one of our most ambitious foresight studies yet. Here’s the range of innovation thought leaders we have surveyed:

  • Roles – 25 different innovation stakeholder roles
  • Types of companies – 8 different core innovator types
  • Geographies– 6 continents of innovation leaders
  • Organizational Structures – 8 different types of innovation setups
  • Industries – 30 different industries

By asking a thorough battery of survey questions and cross-filtering responses, our Corporate Innovation Playbook hopes to tease out what’s real from what’s fairy tale in the seven following areas (see visual attached).

  • Industry Pulsecheck and Monitor
  • Innovation Best Practices, Approaches and Tools
  • Innovation Leadership, Ambitions and Routes to Market
  • Lighthouse Case Studies and Examples
  • Future Business Models & Technologies
  • Innovation Wish Lists, Gold Standards, Threats and Comparison to Startups
  • Future Foresights, Shifts and Debates

Let’s settle some arguments and debates. Find out about the 52 questions that The Corporate Innovation Playbook Answers.


Why is “The Corporate Innovation Playbook” important, interesting, valuable and novel:

“The world is seven times faster than it was a generation ago. Disruptors that used to take a generation to take root, now take four years. The only option is for larger companies to innovate better, much better. They need a rallying cry and a market-tested guide to tap into their big advantages and starting aiming for breakthrough NOW.”

Sean Moffitt

Managing Director, Wikibrands

“Given the accelerating pace of change traditional research methodologies are challenged to keep up. The Corporate Innovation Playbook provides an overlapping ecosystem of experts with different lenses bringing superior insights and actionable recommendations.”

Paul Barter

Managing Partner, Paul Barter & Associates

“There is a chasm that exists between the nimble, fail-fast, profit-not-important startups, and the corporate machines that are built to efficiently deliver shareholder return.  The Corporate Innovation Playbook attempts to bridge that distance by taking the best of both worlds to provide a street-wise playbook for corporate change agents.”

Mary Graham

Principal, Catalyst3

“Having been involved in a wide array of innovation across all continents, I am fascinated with how innovation happens at the poles and find its way inside the centre of the best companies. The Corporate Innovation Playbook’s global approach to the question is a fascinating cultural adventure into how innovation is steered differently for different environments.”

Hjörtur Smárason

Founder, Scope Communications

“I have been studying the impact of technology on business models and society for more than two decades and have never been so excited about innovation than I am now.  I am proud to be part of the team that has launched The Corporate Innovation Playbook. It will be the go-to resource for innovation in Canada and around the world. We invite all forward-thinking organizations to participate.”

Mike Dover

Founder, Socialstruct

“Refreshing and practical: rigorous trend research, designed to plug-and-play with business action. The Wikibrands collective’s Corpoate Innovation Playbook is just what corporate leaders need today–a reliable view into the future that decodes the mystery and helps teams plan their next moves.”

Andrea Kates

Managing Partner, I-Scale

“It’s rare for corporations to aim for innovation breakthrough … it often emerges as level 2 or level 1. The Corporate Innovation Playbook adds value as it recognizes the real mandates of corporate innovation and how to make it transformative. We are talking a practical, pragmatic and portfolio-based approach to reinventing companies not pitch nights and noise.

Sharon McIntyre

Co-founder & Process Lead,, New Cottage Industries & Co.

“The subject of corporate innovation has had a few seminal works over the years but it remains  very ethereal. My personal interest and that of our study is to diagnose and prescribe where innovation comes from, who gets to lead it, and what stimulates & percolates the seeds of innovation – it’s the difference between watching the scoreboard and playing the game.”

Rahul Raj

Founder & CMO, 5&VIne

“Today’s marketplace carries no compromises. Companies must continuously adapt their business models to remain relevant and grow. The Corporate Innovation Playbook helps in dissecting the “:in-between the lines” of how innovation really happens and understands the  size of gaps between customer & companies, needs vs. benefits delivered, experiences desired vs. products made, and marketplace pace and company agility .

Monique Clough

Director, JFive

“Corporate innovation is definitely necessary as they have so much power and influence in our society and economy and there are so many big issues that require their input and help. The big challenge? Given their size, it also means that usually they are not good at change/innovation. Our Corporate Innovation Playbook can help.”

Roland Harwood

Founder/Director, Liminal

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