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Globally recognized thought leaders Sean Moffitt and Mike Dover provide energetic, customized and credible keynotes for top conferences, webinars, executive teams and business team keynotes. 

Here’s a quick selection of topics:

– Wikibrands (a composite of all the topics below)
– Company Reinvention (transition, transformation, fresh starts)
– Best Engagement Practices (from the world’s leading companies, industry-specific)
– New Media/Content (social, digital, local, mobile)
– New Marketing (strategies, tactics, authenticity, openness, team development)
– Marketplace Culture (trends, insights, need assessment)
– The Customer (experience management, brand engagement, collaboration, co-innovation)
– Connected Technologies (platform, tools, use of)
– Online and Offline Communities (building, management, stage growth development)
– Enterprise collaboration (internal, partner, external)
– Social Media (the full battery, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
– Measurement (metrics, performance tracking, insights, feedback)
– Trends and the Future of (media, marketplace, workplace, customer needs)


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