“Futureproofing Next” Workshop / Labs – Act on The Right Trends to Grow Your Business


  • Keynotes (10 bespoke versions)
  • Foresight Reports (quarterly subscription)
  • Leadership briefing immersions (1/2 day)
  • Workshops (1 day)
  • Co-labs with partners (2-3 days)
  • Training curriculum (4-8 days)
  • Intensive sprints (12 week)
  • Future-guiding ventures (year-long) 

Status quo is not an option!  In today’s business environment, it’s not enough to see emerging trends if you don’t know how to act on them. Today’s professional world operates at breakneck speed (~7.7x faster than a generation ago), raising the stakes on the importance of trends. Leaders need razor sharp future insights combined with a strategy for innovation that they can take to the bank.  And that’s exactly the focus of FutureProofing Next— Wikibrand’s & iScale’s step-by-step approach designed to get you to your next strategic sweet spot.

Get equipped to transform new realities into business growth, uncover early signs of significant headwinds, and apply the skills our team has learned from more than 200+ clients, 13,000+ teams and 15+ foresight marketplace studies to guide you toward a future as you’ve never thought possible.

Paraphrasing Eminem, with the future of your organization, sometimes you only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow, this opportunity comes once in a lifetime,  you better not miss it.

The Futureproofing Frame Up - Don't Miss The Future

 Should we catch up or give up when it comes to trends?  Business leaders can’t afford to hide their heads in the sand, but can’t risk making the wrong move. By embarking on a  Futureproofing Next engagement, you’ll venture into a 6-step journey and bespoke 30-tool quest on what’s to come and why it matters. Designed to equip business leaders with exactly what they need to apply new business models, marketplace shifts, innovative product strategies, and cross-industry insights to growth initiatives. It will bring rigour, speed and imagination to business growth, transform trends into business models that work, provide the science and art of cross industry inspiration and bring new leadership imperatives for a disruptive age.

Find Your Company’s Next Competitive Edge by Futureproofing.

I. Inside Now

Determine exactly where you are! Wikibrands will help objectively audit and benchmark your future potential by evaluating your capacity, connections, offerings, culture, talent  and company-wide appetite for innovation and futureproofing.

Get your futureproofing litmus test and take your first steps to becoming  rapid, future learning machine. 

II. Integrated Forces

Peer into your industry and evaluate the biggest marketplace trends. We will curate the biggest learnings from your industry,  competitors and customers and combine them with top metatrends, relevant microtrends and expected marketplace developments and projections.

Fine tune your company’s trend intelligence and develop expert consensus on your key business headwinds and tailwinds.

III. Imagine Next

Explore new possibilities. We will help steer you into dramatically new products, services, stakeholder impacts and distinctive value through a marriage of validated lean start-up methods and business model reinvention.

Map out potential new competencies, business models and competitive dimensions.

IV. Inform Next

Test and Validate New Possibilities. For all serious functions of your company,  they have a process that works and scales –  your nnovation efforts needs one too. By applying the best lean startup and corporate innovation frameworks, we’ll  provide a simple-to-navigate way to experiment, validate, discover and co-create, while building credible economic valuations and predictable analytics as we go.

Invest in your company-wide future proofing disciplines. 

V. Inspire Next

Pinpoint New Areas of Opportunity.  Wikibrands will blend cross industry insights, promising new business models, fresh company apertures and design thinking prototypes to  create stronger future-focused innovation portfolios and  avoiding corporate incrementalism and shiny object syndrome.

Craft your outside-in disciplines to inspire a healthy roster of innovation-led growth. 

VI. Implementation

Map out a path to Next.  Innovation is execution, otherwise you are just in the clever idea business. ideas are everywhere, the real “next” challenge is to navigate through the range of potential options and opportunities, integrate metrics that are geared for growth, make the right decisions, and ultimately install future-driven innovation leadership within the framework of the company.

Adopt Perpetual Refresh – a fast, clear, repeatable and disciplined innovation set of decision filters, funding formulae and left brain/right brain governance 

The Futureproofing Next Steak & Sizzle

Companies need a proven method for transforming Silicon Valley startup principles into a prioritized innovation playbook.  We bring together validated approaches combined with a group of experts that have proven track records delivering future-minded strategy solutions to clients.  Collectively, we represent decades of experience in growth-driven roles across diverse industries. Simply, we are better than the other vendors to  deliver:

o Future IQ – stronger foresights and marketplace understanding
o Future Radar – early disruption and objective threat detection
o Future Zeitgeist – customer and brand-Winning propositions
o Future Revenue – success-grounded, business models
o Future Insurance – mitigating future risk via process & rigour
o Future Tech – accelerating digital-first ventures & approaches
o Future Bets – tapping smartest portfolios, routes to market & people
o Future Spirit – instilling progressive behaviours and leadership traits
o Future Stewardship – simple, structured chaos-free roadmaps
o Future Agility – quickening response to new market realities

Evaluate Wikibrand’s “Futureproofing Tale of The Tape” vs. Other Consultancies, Innovation Boutiques, Trend Monitoring Research Firms, Agencies and Futurists (see below).

Andrea Kates

Global Futureproofing Alchemist 


“To win in today’s market, leaders need to be in a state of perpetual refresh. The faster they can apply trends, the further ahead they’ll be in driving revenue growth.


Death to innovation clichés. Rise up, business models we can take to the bank.  Trend research suffers from the Goldilocks Complex—it’s sometimes too academic and theoretical, which makes it challenging to do anything about it. Or, too simplistic, which makes it hard to count on as a strategic guidepost.


Wikibrands is designed to be “just right” for business leaders who have to make the tough choices and place their bets today on what they’ll need next.”

Informed by:

Solving the 16 Hurdles of Futureproofing:

Perfect For:

  • CxOs looking for practical synthesis of trends and business action
  • Leaders who are charged with growing top line revenues through new idea, products & markets
  • Business teams that need to focus innovation on projects they can “take to the bank”
  • Strategic planners creating memorable sparks, stimulating kickoffs and springboard sessions
  • Change Agents and new executive teams who need to drive urgency of “change or die” focus
  • High growth, scaling companies looking to nimbly apply marketplace shifts
  • Siloed/national firms looking for wider, global perspective for reapplication

Getting Started - Keynotes/Reports/Immersions/Workshops

Grasping key cross-industry foresights and shifting implications is an essential  starting point for futureproofing. Before landing on interventions,, Wikibrands is the global vanguard of providing  executive, leadership and business teams glimpses into their fast-accelerating futures with confident & practical seed directions to focus on.

Going Deep - Labs/Sprints/Training/Future Guiding

Many “prediction” firms aren’t interested in the “Do & Act” part of there trend navigation efforts. That’s where we are very different. Our experienced and tapped-in experts are business people and innovation practitioners first. They can help you deliver plans, change management, company-wide literacy, venture projects and “eye of the disruption storm” expert counsel on a short term project or longer term retained basis.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch, or consider a customized  futureproofing  engagement.

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