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It seems there is a big paradox with how innovation plays inside corporate entities. As evidenced by the recent influx of lean startup advocates, people have stopped thinking and rethinking about how corporate and scale-up innovation works and are all bootstrapping- and unicorn-happy  (see Google Search Trends on big vs. small innovation below) . Knowing that startups are able to disrupt the status quo and advance their ideas forward is motivating, but at some point for business, culture and society to work, these bright new shiny things need to expand and scale efficiently and nimbly. That’s where we come in.

corporate innovation vs. startup innovation trends

The need is real, the pain is real, the stakes are high.

It’s no exaggeration when people state plainly change or die. It’s the imperative for any company in 2020. The future is faster, more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous than it has ever been. No amount of work ethic or noble intention will overcome the stark marketplace reality – miss the future and your company will fail. Want more evidence for this futureproofng need?

Disruption facts Innovation push

Perhaps we might be contrarian, but we believe “big can be beautiful too”

The majority of us who have worked inside or alongside companies over 50+ people recognize the need for innovation culture, we’re not dumb. We want and need growth-minded interventions as much as the next guy. You’d be fools not to see the disruption that is coming at us, all of us, through the front windshield.  Undeniably though, there are different considerations involved when running innovation inside a global network, a 10,000 person office or a publicly-traded entity versus your 6 person garage-based venture,  It’s not an excuse, it’s just a reality. In some respects, people who make innovation thrive inside Big Co. should be the considered the true kings and queens of innovation royalty, as they made their ventures work inside and outside their firms.

One thing we do see and can admit as outside experts looking in is a type of corporate blindness.Time and time again, innovation failure upon corporate ambivalence upon “say, don’t do” leadership afflicts larger companies. When you’re too comfortable, it’s tough to imagine a different future, even tougher to do something about it. Well, Wikibrands and iScale decided – enough. We want to help companies change and ANTICIPATE AND DELIVER THEIR FUTURE. NOW. Let’s embolden companies with competence and confidence to embrace their bigger futures.

innovation paradox

So what is it?  Futureproofing : Next  is a different type of venture for a different type of  business challenge. 

We are a global alliance of forward thinkers, digital innovators and passionate change agents using lean strategies, marketplace foresights & emerging technologies to explore opportunities and deliver future business models and innovation reliably for our clients.  As embedded partners, we help anticipate & deliver better, positive futures for our clients. Our core solutions are workshops, labs and sprints but we have a wide range of partnered solutions (see solutions section below)  Our venture website FutureproofingNext.com launches later this month. In the interim, have a look at what we have created here on the Wikibrands website.


We can articulate what’s holding companies back … and do something about it.

We’ve list the 16 most common roadblocks bigger companies experience envisioning and delivering the future below., They may not be earth-shatteringly brilliant as a list, but doing something productive about it certainly is. Do you see the these signs and symptoms inside your company?

16 futureproofing hurdles

It’s really a marriage of beautiful future-minded interests!

Hall & Oates. Kenny & Dolly. Bradley Cooper & Gaga. Ketchup & fries. Cream cheese and Montreal-style bagels. Matching socks. Let’s be honest – the best, most satisfying things in life often come in combos. With Futureproofing : Next, we’ve paired together two experienced architects of the business transformation, lean startup, trend navigation and corporate innovation arenas to produce something even better together. Global thought leaders and practitioners Andrea Kates and Sean Moffitt are spearheading this joint venture that we expect will make big ripples, 1+1 truly does equal 3.

Sean Moffitt & Andrea kates

We are taking no prisoners here – we’re better than the status quo.

Futureproofing : Next  truly believes we have the just right alchemy of corporate experience, innovation pedigree, marketplace, customer & technology fluency, pragmatic instincts and intellectual property to Out-Delotte, Out-Ideo and Out-Publicis and candidly, outperform all the resident staple of innovation service providers. We’ve actually been clinical about what we’re bringing to the table – and we think we trump the incumbents by a score of 15 to 7 (see our scorecard below).

It’s not false bravado when we have spent so much sweat equity getting this right over our careers and intensively over the last year. Compared to your leading innovation provider, we simply believe we have: a better, broader perspective, a more flexible and action-oriented approach, a smarter business-minded proposition and a maniacal client-centric focus on actually solving the problems that afflict scaling and corporate organizations. We’re the white hats of innovation coming to your rescue. Come find out!

Wikibrands Futureproofing: Next trumps consultancies, agencies , boutiques and tech firms

We’re not just selling hope and optimism, we have minted a package of benefits, architecture, tools, people and process that actually works – it’s innovation that you can take to the bank.

Futureproofing: Next has blended the hard tools and soft skills to genuinely help that person sitting out there right now saying who will credibly support, champion, shepherd and deliver the future growth imperatives of my business. Umm, we will.

ostriches can't fly, but they can certainly run faster   

We just don’t say it, we do it.

If your competing service vendors can pull together what we have, we will gladly step aside. However, we’ve navigated the innovation universe for the last decade, and based on empirical data and observation, we just don’t think they can. Futureproofing: Next is stacking up our arsenal of recent foresights, success with previous innovation teams and a network of innovation champions to go up against all comers.


Forget disruption, companies need to simplify their problems and solutions.  

Futureproofing: Next has distilled down the essence of what we give clients See. Learn., Decide. And Commit. That’s it. It’s that simple. Great people and ideas already exist inside companies. You don’t need an army of black turtlenecks making your problems and solutions seem more difficult and creatively challenging than they really are, We’re guided by an intuitively smart and understandable 6i process that we’ve worked through with over 200 clients, Here’s our special sauce below (no NDA required, no big creative reveal or plastering it with copyrights), Now, let’s collaborate and expedite your future!

the 6is



We’re offering up a full spectrum of futueproofing innovation.

At the risk of stealing all of the thunder behind our beta launch later this month, here’s the 10 offerings we are providing clients. We hope you’ll decide to take the leap into the uncertain future with us, for as little or as much of an innovation future boost as you need.

Futureproofing:Next Solutions

Here’s our soft video intro

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