Episode #3 – Futureproof–

“Corporate Innovation Playbook – Current Practices ”

Ding! Our tenth webcast overall and one of our best.
A true international squad of the Wikibrands Collective speak to the often discussed, infrequently perfected world of corporate innovation and an open discussion about our research initiative and some of the biggest question we are trying to answer  Doyle hitting us from Australia, Roland from UK, Hjörtur from Denmark and Sean from Canada.  And yes, about half of our collective are women, just this episode swayed male.

Episode Panelists:

Host: Doyle Buehler, CEO, Dept. Digital


0:00 Intros of our Global Panel and Backgrounds – and the Brexit-level interference between Hjörtur and Roland

4:00 Futureproofing and our research effort mining the opinions of best innovators in the world called the Corporate Innovation Playbook 

5:00 Our “innovation in the Wild” practitioner orientation

6:00 A Societal backdrop and the need for Experimentation and Agile Aoproaches

7:30  Comparison to the 1890s and Lessons on Why Some Companies Succeed and Why Even Some of The Best Companies Fail

9:30 Context is Everything – Are we beingTrend Centric or just tapping into our Production Capability?

10:30 Our two different surveys and “Innovation does not have a Finish Line” and the vanity of Innovation Theatre and ranking 17th out of 23

The two surveys:

Current Practices: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/innovationplaybooka

Future Predictions:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/innovationplaybookb

12:00 Definitions of Innovation and Different Horizons of Innovation

13:30 The Importance of Horizon 0 and certain levels of procrastination to kick innovation to the future

15:00  97% of CEOs say innovation is a key priority but 94% of them are dissatisfied with their innovation programs

17:00 Romanticizing Silicon Valley and Garage-level Innovation and the difficulty of internalizing benefits inside the organization – startups lack process, corporations can be too hamstrung by process

18:00 Corporate Innovation Small Teams and Collaboration Inside Co-working spaces, Incubators and Startups with the hope for igniting new ideas

20:30 The biggest problem of Corporate Innovation – Innovation happens over there and should be corporate-wide

22:00 Open Innovation and the importance of Millennial contribution to Corporate Entrepreneurial Spirit and Paul Polman’s Unilever statement about societal contributions potentially can be larger inside big comapnies

25:00 Innovation Survey Timing & Links

25:40 The handicap of Poor, Risk-averse and Non-Resilient Management Boards

27:00 Working between Organizations – Go to the Edges, Boundaries and Seams of Your Company’s World – “The Future Reveals Itself in the Peripheral”J.G. Ballard

28:00 Innovation as Habit, not a Resolution

29:00 Conclusion

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