After having wrapped up our first 3 months launching and now touring with our book Wikibrands, we want to extend out the conversation, by hosting twice a month online events called Wikiweeks.

Think of it as The Discovery Channel’s answer to social media.

Sure they have things like “Shark Week” and “Hunted and the Hunters” week, we take an only slightly tamer approach by hosting over a concentrated period of time, conversations and topics with the key experts on the 25 things of the new economy, new busines environemnt and new marketing and media worlds our book covers.

Here’s are first 8 out of the gate:

•w/o April 4 – Social Analytics      – Twitter Chat – April 5
•w/o April 18 – Community Platforms    – Twitter Chat –April 19
•w/o May 9 – Community Management – Twitter Chat – May 3
•w/o May 16  – Not for Profit Socializing – Twitter Chat – May 17
•w/o May 30 – Leading Wikibrands The View From the Top – – Twitter Chat May 31
•w/o June 13 – What’s Next – The Buzz Report – Twitter Chat – June 14
•w/o June 27 – Wikibrand Awards  – The Tops in Our 15 Categories – Twitter Chat – June 28

What’s involved?

A twitter chat scheduled each Tuesday during Wikiweeks at 3pm #wikichats hosted by ourselves with 2-3 experts on the subject

Daily scheduled blog interviews  with the true practitioner experts on the subjects on our blog at

A powerpoint presentation (and potential zipcast) that simply gives the experts a chance to tell us four things – “The Awesome, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” strategies and practices of people in their discipline

A poll of 10-15 questions to tap into the zeitgeist of what people think about when they consider the subject with results to close the week

A white paper provided a few weeks after the event that consolidate all this insight into one nice, neatly tied  6-10 page present

If you’d like to be involved as a leader, co-ordinator, co-host, interviewee or participant, please let us know, we’d love to have you. Give Nadia a wink and a head nod.

In the meantime, join us next week for Wikibrands “Social Analytics” week, you may never venture in other waters again…

Now let’s get Wiki!

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