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Hot on the heels of our successful Crowdsourcing Week venture in Singapore – the first global conference dedicated to crowdsourcing, we’re planning some ripples of Crowdsourcing impact and forum for education in North America (more details to follow).

Beyond the culture of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding jiving with my principles of passion, transparency and value consciousness, here’s some other reasons why we should all be a little bit more passionate about it as a driving concern.

From Google Trends – just a little bit more general interest over time –

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From Gartner’s Hype Cycle – we haven’t hit peak yet:

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From Massolution, Crowdfunding on major platforms is clicking at a rate of 80%+ per year growth:

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Even the academics find this world interesting:



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So whether you call it “open innovation”, “crowdfunding”, “crowdsourcing”, “collective intelligence”, “peer production” , “distributed thinking” or  “collaborative innovation”, it looks like “blue skies” ahead. Stay tuned….

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