Next Marquis Events:

The Smith School of Business, ecobee and Wikibrands present a no holds barred debate on the future of business technologies pitting Ai, Blockchain and IoT against each other, on June 6th at ecobee HQ in Toronto. Wikibrands Managing Director Sean Moffitt to curate and act as host and MC. 



Smith School of Business - The Three

The Future of Technology, Digital and Web Custome

The Business Stage Act


2019 Keynotes:


See our freshest presentation series yet, designed for associations, companies, conferences and  civic & public organizations, with discounted rates for academic and not-for-profits.


  • The Technology for Business Decision Makers Series – AI, IoT, Blockchain, Mobile, Social, Big Data, Immersive Media (VR/AR)


Technology for Business Decision Makers Keynotes



  • The Futureproofing 2019 Trend Series – The “15” (brand), The “16” (innovation), the “20” (customer), the “25” (metatrends), the 30 (technology), the 40 (culture/talent),  The “50” (marketing/media)


The Futureproofing Trend Series


  • The Business Transformation Series – Disruption, Business Transformation, Innovation DNA, Digital Transformation, Change & Resilience Superheroes, Leadership 2020


The Transformation Series Keynotes


  • The Brand & Demand Generation Series – Customer Experience, The Funnel, Wikibrands, Storytelling, Content and Employee Engagement


The Brand and Demand Generation Series - Keynote




The 2019 Keynote Calendar




The Future of Technology, Digital & the Web Customer (multiple universities and corporate engagements)


Futureproofing; Next – Launch of Innovation Lab/Workshop/Sprints with iScale


– The Business Stage Act (Launch) – What People Really Want from their Corporate Keynotes




– The Emerging 30 – An Update on the Leading Technologies & Digital That Will Define the Next Decade


– The Metatrends 30 The 30 Socio-Economic Influences That Will Define Our Next Decade


– The Digitalization Series – 36 Flavours of Digital Literacy By Industry, By Function and By Technology




Corporate Innovation Playbook Research Results and Report


– Business Models Cup – The March Madness of Business Models of the Future




The Growth & Scale Field Guide Research Results & Report

– The Blockchain Report Card – How Canada is Performing Against the World  (Canadian Chamber of Commerce)

The Future of Social *& New Media –  Smartest Bets on Reciaiming the Glory Days of New Media

– Digiball – How Technology Changes the Sports We Fan, Lead and Play (first draft)




– The Employer Brand Weathervane Culture & Talent Study Research Results & Report


– The Startup Ecosystem – How to Cultivate a Thriving Entrepreneurial Ecosystem  (Multiple clients)




– Zeitgeist Brands – 2019’s World’s Top Performing 100 Brands Across 11 Categories


– The Business Transformation Report – 15 factors, 30 New Opinions, Update to our 2017 Report




AI Impacts – Artificial Intelligence’s Future Amazing, Good, Bad & Ugly

Getting Wiki – Disrupting the Professional Services Industry


Survey Introductions (Open Surveys)

The Corporate Innovation Playbook

Current Innovation Practices & Beliefs:

Corporate Innovation Futures & predictions:


2019 Challenges:




Zeitgeist Brands








Monthly Challenges Calendar









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