Episode #1 – Digitalize –

“The Emerging 30 Technologies”

To end the holidays and kickoff the 2019 new year, our elite group of tech insiders and experts at the Wikibrands Collective discussed our list of 30 emerging technologies (that has been generating a lot of buzz and conversation online) and talked about how all bets are off for the future.

Episode Panelists:

Host: Doyle Buehler, CEO, Breakthrough Digital and leading global webcast/podcast host
  • John Koetsier,  VP Insights – Singular, and Forbes contributor, analysts, futurist and dreamer
  • Tara O’Doherty, Co-Founder of voxie.co and Award Winning CX/UX Strategist, Designer, and Innovator
  • Sean Moffitt, Managing Director, Wikibrands and author or the #Emerging30 tech ranking chart


The Emerging 30 Technologies – Ranked List: 


The Future Balance of Digital:

The Time to Mainstream:


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