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Wikibrands has reinvented its workshop around ‘Customer Experience” as the umbrella to all things “customer engagement”.

As much as we promote ourselves as the “Customer Engagement and Innovation Hub” we recognize very little of the overall benefit of customer engagement unless companies “get it” from the inside-out.

That means ensuring that they provide brand-adhering, trust-inducing, informative and awesome customer experiences.

We have developed a workshop that sets in motion the first link in a chain of steps to improve an organization’s¬†customer experience focus. The workshops include:

– Customer Experience – Why It Matters?

– Are you a Customer-Driven Organization? Audit and Frequent Blindspots.

– The 7 Historical Evolutions of Brand and the current stage of “Brand Empowerment”

– Why We Matter in Our Customer’s Lives?

– Attributes of a Great and Branded Customer Experience

– The 4Es of Marketing and Sales Influence – Paradigm Shift

  • Evangelism
  • Everyplace
  • Exchange
  • Experience

– The 11Is of Customer Experience Hierarchy Checklist

  • Aesthetics
  • Entegrity
  • Exposed
  • Education
  • Exchange
  • Entertainment
  • Ennovative
  • Equity
  • Entimate
  • Escape
  • Experience
  • Effilation
  • Evangelism

– Generational Differences and Expectations

– Emotional and Rational Needs

– Customer Experience Stages

– Mapping Customer Pleasure and Pain Points

– Identifying Key Interventions and Resources

– Implementation Actions across Company, Culture, Strategy, Process, Employees, Measurement, Communications

– Digital Enablement

If interested, give us a shout on your customer experience audit, workshop, consultancy and experience needs.

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