Richard Florida"Wikibrands is a must read for business leaders, managers and just about anyone who wants to recognize and deploy the incredible creative energy of customers and stakeholders. Approachable, insightful, instructive, and entertaining, Mike Dover and Sean Moffitt’s book is a guide to reinventing enterprise by authentically engaging the creative class."

Richard Florida
Author of the Creative Class and The Great Reset

Ross Mayfield"With the changing role of consumers, every brand is a lie, not a promise. But Wikibrands offers marketers a rich understanding of how social media can drive engagement for brands that make them true. Your brand can share control to create value."

Ross Mayfield
Chairman, President and co-founder of Socialtext

Mathew Ingram"These are uncertain times for many companies. New competitors can emerge in the blink of an eye, riding a wave of web-powered popularity, and brand value can also rise and fall in an instant, thanks to social-media tools that didn't even exist five years ago. Businesses of all kinds are trying to find their way through this wilderness, and those that prosper will be the ones who learn how to take advantage of these new tools to connect and engage with their customer and client communities. Wikibrands is required reading for anyone who wants to thrive in this new landscape -- it is both a comprehensive overview of the principles that govern the new digital world and a practical set of guidelines for how to approach and make use of them. Highly recommended."

Mathew Ingram
Senior Writer, Giga OM

B. Joseph Pine II"Ever since the world of business changed (c. 1999), marketers have been floundering for how to respond. Stop. Instead, follow this roadmap laid out so thoroughly and eloquently by Mike Dover and Sean Moffitt, leading us into a new brand future of pull, not push, and of conversation, not control. Of course, it's only natural I'd love this manifesto; everything I write and talk about -- customization, experiences, authenticity, digital technology -- it's all in here, cogently synthesized and properly presented for your reading pleasure and branding leadership."

B. Joseph Pine II
Author of The Experience Economy and Authenticity

Julie Roehm"I first met Mike Dover and Sean Moffitt at a conference where we were all presenting on the future of marketing. Since then, we've continued to share our respective findings and perspectives. Wikibrands is the result of many years of research and not surprisingly, it is a compelling call to action for business leaders. Rich in examples, it is more than a series of case studies in that it offers a clear roadmap as to how companies can deploy technology to increase the authenticity of conversation with their customers. A must read for the hungry marketer!"

Julie Roehm
Backslash Meta, LLC

Keith Ferrazzi"I first learned of Wikibrands when it was at the outline stage, and Mike and Sean and I shared stories about how authentic relationships with customers are more important than ever. I’m delighted how the book turned out: Thoughtful, innovative, and most of all practical. If your organization wants to learn how to deploy technology to build better client relationships, Wikibrands will show you how."

Keith Ferrazzi
Author of Never Eat Alone and Who's Got Your Back

Saul Kaplan"The Mad Men days of the big branding campaign developed behind closed doors followed by a grand unveiling comprised of orchestrated media placements and road show whistle-stops are behind us. This shift must be driving traditional marketing types and communications firms crazy. The industry was built on a foundation of “controlling the message” and secret sauce that only the experts possessed to unlock access to big media outlets. Imagine the horror when huge campaigns are ripped apart within 24 hours of release by the viral unknown masses or when an undiscovered talent like Susan Boyle can become an overnight global sensation.

Wikibrands is a must read for every executive and marketing professional hoping to thrive in an era where the customer is taking over control of the brand. Mike and Sean provide a virtual back stage pass to engaging your customer directly in the branding process. Ignore this important book at your own peril."

Saul Kaplan
Founder and Chief Catalyst at Business Innovation Factory

Jean Twenge"In an age when everything is interactive, don't let your business fall behind -- read Wikibrands. The top-down model is in decline, and brands -- at least the ones poised to be successful -- are moving to the new individually focused, bottom-up model of customer involvement. With specific advice and examples, this book will show you the new landscape of business in the 21st century, where customers want to participate, not just buy. Wikibrands is your guide to the future of business, a must-read for marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to understand the new landscape of brands today."

Jean Twenge
Author of Generation Me and The Narcissism Epidemic

David Smith"Over the past five years, I have witnessed the research and thought leadership Mike Dover has brought to the marketplace. Wikibrands authors, Mike Dover and Sean Moffitt, build on this bringing new light to the future of collaboration, innovation and social media used to drive high performance step changes in marketing. The path forward presented in Wikibrands is bright, helping change the landscape in an area ready for consumer driven, open innovation."

David Smith
Global Managing Director at Accenture & Co-Author of Workforce of One: Revolutionizing Talent Management Through Customization

Rob Salkowitz“Wikibrands provides the deep insight and clear guidance that businesses need to succeed in a world where mass collaboration and open innovation are turning old marketing models upside down. Authors Sean Moffitt and Mike Dover bring a wealth of experience, expertise, practical knowledge and good humor to unravel the complexities and debunk the hype. Any organization looking to tap into the enthusiasm and creativity of Young World consumers needs to read this book.”

Rob Salkowitz
Author, Young World Rising

Bob Parker"Wikibrands should be required reading for business executives and marketers trying to understand and master the digital domain. The book is both visionary and pragmatic, delivering a framework for understanding the pervasively connected consumer and a set of tactical approaches that are ready to implement. As the promise of your brand moves from internally contrived to externally controlled, you will need the tool kit that this book supplies."

Bob Parker
Vice President, IDC Manufacturing and Retail Insights

Chuck Martin, Author“Wikibrands shows why and how brands need to move from managing perceptions and controlling the message to inventing new ways to get people to genuinely interact with their brands. Mike Dover and Sean Moffitt smartly create the path for companies to deal with the informed, connected, collaborative, and demanding networked generation of today. Thoroughly researched and easily read.”

Chuck Martin, Author
The Digital Estate, Net Future, The Third Screen

Steve Papermaster"Wikibrands is packed with clever insights into the dynamic world of brand and customer management in the age of social media. Wikibrands will take you to where the proverbial puck is going - which is exactly where you need to go to win in a full contact market."

Steve Papermaster
Executive Chairman, Moxie Software

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