Roma Chopra, Wikibrands Community Manager

Roma Chopra, Wikibrands Community ManagerRoma Chopra is an up and coming brand consultant with years of marketing and project management experience in a variety of industries including: telecom, property management, retail, food services, non-for-profit, communications and online media.

Her work also includes brand foundation, market research and copywriting for North American and European clients. Through her research for Wikibrands, Roma gained enormous insight about how the worlds most successful brands are tapping into participation based methods with their customers. Roma honed her knowledge of digital media and web 2.0 to compliment her eclectic marketing background. She delivers brand building initiatives to set the Wikibrand revolution into full-swing. Roma holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with an Honours in Marketing from York University.

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Nadia Rushdi, Wikibrands Community Manager

Nadia Rushdi, Wikibrands Community ManagerNadia started off the first 8 years of her career in the finance world on Bay Street, but soon realized that her true love was sport and fitness. Taking a leap of faith and doing a full 180 she left the corporate world behind and dove head first into the world of personal training, where she worked for 2 years as a trainer in a post rehabilitation studio. After careful consideration and with the support and best wishes or her clients, she made the decision to go back to school and pursed a post graduate in Sport and Event Marketing. That lead her right into the world of Agent Wildfire, where she currently works for her mentor Sean Moffitt as the Program Leader for Generation Go. Maintaining her love of active life, she is a competitive dragon boater, adventure racer and seeks out all things active.

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Punit Sthankiya, Wikibrands Community Manager

Punit Sthankiya, WikibrandsPunit is an associate consultant at Socialstruct Advisory Group. With a passion for  collaborative and mobile technologies, Punit brings an in-depth knowledge around the value and the impact these technologies  have in the current business environment. His previous work experience has been focused on mobilizing collaboration voice solutions. Punit’s research is mainly focused on building value with social technologies through Return On Investment modeling and pricing exercises.

With a background focusing on Entrepreneurship and Economics, Punit’s passion is derived by how theoretical modeling can be leveraged to help entrepreneurs grow. As a Co-Founder of InHouse, Punit manages a space where technical entrepreneurs and start-ups can be housed while having access to business advisory, networking and new venture capital opportunities. InHouse works closely with universities to provide an opportunity for students to explore the real world of entrepreneurship within their schooling career.

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Tiffany Assman, Wikibrands Community Manager

Tiffany is currently in the process of finishing her undergraduate Honours degree in Applied Economics at Queen’s University. Gaining an early start in the world of commerce, she began working on the floor of a forward-thinking retail organization at the age of 15 – attaining invaluable experience and insight into the inner-workings of decentralized retail management.

These learnings, combined with a personal passion for all things social, led Tiffany to her experiences with media, and leveraging the vast digital world at a hyperlocal level. Of particular interest, Tiffany is attracted to projects that involve, or create, an intimate connection between brand and consumer, and foster a true sense of community. On a different scale, Tiffany has also worked on several larger new-media assignments, which require a focus entirely different than that of localized ones.

Aside from her professional life, Tiffany loves to practice yoga, travels as often as humanly possible, and is mildly obsessed with big, hairy audacious goals!

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Ash Molaei, Wikibrands Community Manager

Ash is passionate about his vision of a global economy thriving through collaboration and transparency. He has a finger on the pulse of consumers and the organic relationships many brands work to attain with them.

Ash brings a balance of urban cultural savvy and solid management qualities to every project. He has several years of experience working with consumer packaged goods for globally recognized brands as well as top tier experiential marketing agencies. Through his experiences at Apple Canada and Rogers Communications, Ash is able to provide a unique insight into the design and implementation of consumer-facing social marketing campaigns. As a co-founder of the Korr Group, Ash also helps manage marketing efforts for several recognized entertainment and music organizations. Working closely with industry insiders, he excels in delivering cutting-edge information and practices to striving marketers within a broad cross section of industry types.

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