Wikibrands Team

We’ve canvassed the world for the best talent who understand the marriage of the evolved brand, customer engagement and new media and technologies, these are the all-stars that we’ve come to know and love:

Wikibrand Contributors

The frontlines of Wikibrands, these are the people that populate our website and blog, shepherd our community, power our business and live, breathe and sleep Wikibrands.

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Wikibrands Ambassadors

The global fountain of knowledge for Wikibrands. These are the card-carrying Wikibranders, thought leaders, A-listers, experts, academics, practitioners and agency folk who acutely understand the new media, digital, customer and marketing world at large. They advise us, they guest blog and act as our sentinels for new Wikibrands insight and transmitters of Wikibrands buzz.

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We’ll be expanding our roster on a periodic basis.

Join the Community

We are more than the sum of the people involved in Wikibrands. Join our tribe, share, exchange, mashup and collaborate with us. We want to connect with you and watch the sparks fly.

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