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Coming June 2018, let us know your interest in collaborating ahead of time.

We’d love your passionate involvement with and genuine collaboration on:

– defining the success practices of leading digital and business transformation

– understanding the world’s most engaged brands and the leading content on engaged brands

– predicting the future marketplace, cultural, societal, technology, talent, customer and media trends

– interpretation of our 6 research reports: The Buzz Report, The Customer Zeitgeist, The Digital & Technology Periscope, The Employer Brand Weathervane, Changemaker Labs and The MarCom Field Guide

– the masterful curation of our periodic tables on subject matter: Technology, Marketing/Media Trends, Blockchain,  IoT, Immersive Tech -AR/VR, Ai, Big Data, Culture, Personal Branding, Mobile/Social

– the best engaged brand conferences, webinars, hangouts and chats in the world

– the new glossary of terms for a Wikibrands world

– participation in some fun and charitable campaigns and stunts

– work on our upcoming books, videos and podcasts

– referring other smart, passionate people into our Wikibrands circle

– providing members leads and contacts

– getting the word out on key challenges, causes and new initiatives

– engaging on multi-displinary client projects and innovation days

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