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Frequently Asked Questions

To offer you some “let’s get to the shortcut” quickly, here are some frequent questions we get asked.

Are you a Consultancy, Agency or Software Company?

We hope none of them. Although we know some good ones and are happy to work with them, we are focused on the best client solutions. Period. We’ve always hated the conflicted priorities and billing practices of many agencies, software companies and consultancies.  Given our lean set up, we are not obligated to sell or cross-sell you long term contracts, more and more time or specific vendors. We are a neutral Switzerland partner of futureproofing and business transformation.

Are you a retainer-based, fee-based or some hybrid-based services firm?

We have operated under all three scenarios. it’s really based on what type of engagement you want to have with us – the depth of involvement, the length & duration of time and number of other stakeholders involved. One thing we don’t like is tracking time. More than 10% of professional service relationships are based on tracking and billing time. We’d prefer to estimate upfront, focus on the work and only revisit when their are large scope changes.

Will this be complicated and add stress to my life?

Hopefully you’ll find our set up unique and valuable. As former clients, we’ve designed it this way for your benefit. When you’re ready, we think you will find enough noise and tension about consultancies,  frustration and limitations of agencies and the cumbersome, failed expectations of enterprise software implementations, to give us a shout.

So are you strategists, technologists or customer experience experts?

Once again, hopefully we don’t get boxed into one tribe alone. The best transformations always overcome their blindspots and operate across the organization. We take a macro perspective – a functional and solution-agnostic viewpoint to business transformation. We see great organizations optimizing 10 interrelated and constituent digital, technology, customer, operational, talent, cultural, marketing, leadership, innovation and strategic parts to their business DNA  which may be 100+ transformation drivers deep. it is a many varied ungle out there – let us help.

Do you strategize AND deliver?

Yes , we think deep and roll up our sleeves. A little perspective is important. Having been there before in previous customer, digital and technology evolutions helps when faced with a new reality. A pedigree of experience as: a “job on the line” client, across many industry verticals, and being able to not only strategize but deliver, is crucial to client transformations. We only house talent to lead clients that have the necessary deep, broad, tall and client-empathetic experience. Clients want their worlds simplified, not disrupted by wide-eyed novice practitioners adding complexity to their worlds. We’re not there yet, but we can calmly help eliminate some of your expected fear, uncertainty and doubt at a strategy and execution level..

Are you expensive?

We’ve seen like-for-like proposals from a variety of people in the transformation sector. Whereas, we’re not the cheapest game in town, we think we provide some of the best no B.S. value without any long term contractual commitments. In our experience, we are providing up to 2-3x the value of some of our rivals at 2-3X less cost. Reasons?  You’re not paying for big pink elephants or corner office partners and as an on-demand service firm, you re only paying for the best-of-breed talent for limited time engagements.
Still have questions? Hmm…

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