Wikibrand Workshops – the customized and team-based kickoff, innovation and/or alignment sessions

The need:

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 11.48.31 AMHow do I improve the chances of kicking off wikibrand efforts in my company the right way and getting organizational-wide commitment to the next steps?

The answer:

Managing a Twitter profile or setting up a Facebook page is one thing. Looking at building company-wide commitment and driving value out of social strategies is quite another.

We’ll interview your stakeholders and influencers, work with your core team on overcoming cultural hurdles, validate new directions and identify breakthrough strategies and tactics that help generate consensus, drive enthusiasm and build ownership for value-driven collaboration and engagement in your organization.

These intensive workshops will span across a full range of fifteen participation areas and hundreds of possible tools and tactics that can be tailored for small executive teams, business units or much larger corporate gatherings or company divisions.

The outcome:

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 9.42.14 PMBeyond structuring a customized agenda that will draw out key Wikibrand opportunities to tap, challenges to overcome and commitments to build, we’ll end up producing a final presentation and report that audits your readiness for collaboration, identifies cultural and implementation gaps and translates your business objectives and goals into a wikibrand marketplace.

Included in this work could be approaches to: online communities, customer experience and collaboration, crowdsourcing networks, social media, word of mouth and influencer outreach strategies, audience participation incentives, platform development, technology implementation, administration and/or moderation, community management and stage growth development infrastructure, influencer outreach, resourcing and content strategy, social computing policy, guidelines and governance, organizational change, employee collaboration, social CRM, measurement, metrics development and insight development systems.

Also look for our WikiNext “Reinventing Business at the Blurring Speed of Change” CoLab Innovation Workshop

Please contact us for low, mid and high-level workshops for your organizations (ask about not-for-profit discounted rates). 


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