The Wikibrands Difference

The Wikibrands Difference – A Market-Tested Roadmap for Reinvention

We believe we provide the best partnered approach to helping out your business’ digital and customer engagement needs for 8 reasons:

  1. Strategic/Business Focus – we recognize digital engagement needs to provide business value not just be a “play thing”, it has served us well for 7+ years as independent providers.
  2. Well-respected Executive Leaders – we used to be clients, we used to be in the C-suite, we have built success for the biggest and the fastest, we know your challenges because we once walked in your shoes.
  3. Market-proven Roadmap/Principles – we know the 12 things that the best digitally engaged companies get right, we have applied them in a disciplined manner with 100+ relationships over the last 7 years.
  4. Broad Span of Services – we don’t just cover off one sliver of the digital pie; we cover off all 11 key parts of the digital playing field and thus provide you the best comprehensive solutions for your specific situation.
  5. Understanding of Leading Edge Technologies/Marketpalce – we continue to retool our skillsets and stay abreast of key trends and market changes by tapping into fast-moving partners and startups, fielding seminal research surveys and reports and curating the best content on future shaping forces.
  6. Value-add Partnerships/Research Рwe have partnered successfully with over 100s of corporate partners and  service providers and have great front-line and executive level relationships with the key thoughtleaders and service providers of the new economy.
  7. Media Agnosticism – we don’t have mouths to feed by being painted into a corner as: SEO specialists, public relations seekers, software sellers, media buyers, content-building gurus or social ninjas, let’s start with what’s right for YOU.
  8. Flexible Resourcing – we run lean and mean and bring the best suppliers in 20+ different areas on a freelance/contract basis to service your business – in our experience it leads to better, hungrier and more value-driven service.

Of all the players that work in this “gold rush” of an industry, we think we have some key advantages:

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