Research & Insights

The best culture and the best engagement requires … the best research. 

The need:

“Ready, shoot, aim” doesn’t work in your organizational culture? Not in ours either. You are looking for validation and support before launching to the world out there?  Maybe you are drowning in data and not enough time to pull insight and foresight from it. Perhaps you’re considering:

  • An independent audit of how your organization and assets currently performs
  • A bank of the best engagement category practices and trends
  • Customer/employee involvement and feedback on lead ideas
  • The best measurement dashboard and monitoring solution
  • Compelling customer experience insights

The answer:

Being agile in a fast-moving marketplace doesn’t mean sacrificing good fundamental research. We have categorized our research work into four disciplines : measurement, ideas, insight and foresight.

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 3.50.55 PMKey Wikibrands’ principal Mike Dover is our research expert, and was previously the leader of Don Tapscott’s New Paradigm, a world-class think tank, where he was responsible for operations, content quality, and client management for $10 million, multi-year research studies on the intersections among technology, business strategy, and society.

Here’s some previous research we have performed:

 Strategy Audit
 Wikibrands Engagement Audit
 Innovation Audit and Trend Extrapolations

Digital/Social Media Assets:
 Website 100 pt. Audit
 Digital Content Audit
 Tools/Technology/New & Social Media Audit
 Social Media strategy brainstorming workshops
 Presentation of lighthouse case studies on effective social media strategy

 Measurement/Monitor Audit
 Performance metrics for effective use of social media

 Digital Culture/Change Management Audit
 Digital engagement resourcing requirements
 Executive and employee opinions
 Insourcing and crowdsourcing ideastorms

Online Reputation:
 Complete audit of current online reputation
 Customized dashboard that monitors corporate online presence and detects early chatter

Community Building:
 Community Management Audit
 Rewarding participation in collaborative activity
 Collaboration audit to identify opportunity areas for information sharing

Customer/Influencer Segments:
 Engaging the Net Generation
 Customer Experience – 13E pre-to-post-purchase audits
 Identifying your top influencers and fans
 Effective rewards systems for the Net Generation
 Management and diversity issues with the Net Generation

Also look for specific research projects under our special projects area.

Also consider industry thoughtleader publications, reports or white papers to turn your insight into marketable content.

The outcome:

Don’t operate blindly in the connected marketplace. Wikibrands’ research enables your company to stay ahead of the curve. Our insight and strategic primary and secondary research helps your organization unlock the value in the unique space where technology, sociology, and business strategy intersect.

Whether you’re just getting started, or looking to leverage emerging culture and technologies within your existing strategy, we can help.


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