Outsourced Digital/Innovation/Marketing

Your short-term Chief Marketing Officer/Chief Digital Officer/Chief Innovation Officer/Chief Engagement Officer.

The need:

Love it – so you have the will, the direction and commitment to get this work done throughout the company. Now who is going to lead this effort?

 Talent gap or digital engagement need within the organization?

 Need for short-­intermediate term replacement of lead customer-­facing or digital executive?

 Cost structure/situation does not allow for full time headcount coverage?

The answer:

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 2.17.14 PMNo leadership, no headcount, no scale yet…no problem. Technology and sales/marketing roles are the top two outsourced functions in a company for a variety of reasons (e.g. time, focus, capacity, risk, need for expertise, cost, connections, turnover, culture fit).

We provide 3-­12 month full and part-time outsourced innovation, marketing leadership, customer-‐based and digital leadership for your organization (onsite and offsite) that make up for the 7 most common digital shortfalls of business:

 On-­site marketing leadership
 On-­site innovation leadership
 On-­site digital leadership
 On-­site customer engagement leadership
 Off‐site marketing leadership
 Off‐site innovation leadership
 Off­‐site digital leadership
 Off­‐site customer engagement leadership
 Special arrangement as required

Level of support will be dependent on scope, type of deliverables, need for on-­site presence and time commitment.

Your outcome:

Get experienced credible direction, initiatives, resources and campaigns brought through your pipeline to execution with short term senior leadership that have managed these types of mandates in other environments previously. You’ll work with people that immerse themselves in your culture and that of your partners, and have some “skin in the game” to get projects delivered to their conclusion.

If you are looking for stewardship of marketing, communication, digital resources and or innovation assets, we can springboard you to success.



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