Execution/Wildfire Activations

Executing and Resourcing Awesomeness.

The need:

Strategic elegance is one thing but you need people to actually execute the programs that follow from them.

The answer:

In conjunction with our teams and partners, we follow through and execute a variety of key programs on behalf of our clients. Included within these retainer and project fee­‐based relationships are: strategy, budgeting, staffing, development, value-­adds, management, delivery, administration and reporting components.

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 2.45.21 PMSince 2004, we have been practitioners in grassroots marketing and digital executions on over 50 clients. We have folded the services of Agent Wildfire – Canada’s leading word of mouth firm into the Wikibrands offering. As one-time specialists, we build word of mouth, seed it, spread it and measure it. Whether it’s social media, user-generated content, web 2.0, buzz, influencer, experiential, viral or community-building initiatives, no other firm in Canada matches their enthusiasm for the new worlds of grassroots marketing, innovative media and future insights. Key services include:

  • Advisory Panel(s) – Employees, Customers, Fans, Trendsetters, Experts, Opinion & Social Leaders
  • Partner/sponsor/incentive sourcing
  • Website/platform/software development
  • Influencer identification/outreach
  • Fan/Evangelist Incubation
  • Community Management
  • Content Development/Inbound Marketing
  • Creative development
  • Social media extensions/Integration
  • SEO/Paid Media
  • Mobile applications
  • Special Projects

Your outcome:

You get flexible and nimble campaign and program delivery with the best-of-­breed project managers and service providers. The mission – the ability to bring programs come alive in execution, making customers believe they have an exciting sustainable pulse while stretching the value of our executional excellence. Resourcing can be standalone or in conjunction with your existing roster of partners, agencies and suppliers to ensure:

  • Executing of key new strategic and engagement imperatives
  • Building better customer connections and collaboration with your organization
  • Creating sustainability and accountability to your new branding and digital engagement efforts

Yes we not only think, we actually do too! Let get the show on the road and allow us be the “arms and legs” for your next big digital or engagement initiative.



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