Wikibrand Roadmap Partners the embedded partner for Wikibranding in your company

The need:

You need expert qualified resources to steer your commitment on the right engagement path and shepherd “wikibranding” as a culture, practice and activity that you do everyday in each relevant function.

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The answer:

On ongoing consulting and project team commitments, we prefer to be labeled partners not agencies. Partners in enterprise-level change have always “got your back” and make you look good; that’s not always the case with others. Wikibrand work is too important to leave to consultancies, agencies, technology companies, software providers that treat your digital engagement like an after thought.

We have real world practice and experience in building enterprise level commitment to “engagement” strategies and customer experience development, regardless of media, technology or industry. Plus, we specialize in making “connected” practices actually work inside companies, big and small. It’s not our hobby or side business, it’s our raison d’etre.

We help unlock the value of your customers across six core benefit areas and many stakeholders:

  • brand/business advocacy (marketing/sales)
  • brand/customer-driven content (communications/HR)
  • brand/customer-based insight/innovation (research/development)
  • brand/peer to peer support/experience (customer service/IT/operations/finance), brand perception (PR/executive/CSR/investor relations) and
  • brand integration/serendipity (media/HR/executive)

Don’t be fooled, smart technology or clever use of media is a small part of the success formula and rarely the cause of success or failure. Instead, let us relieve you of some of the brainwork and legwork and help stick handle through the myriad number of directions, scope, depth and need for customer participation, trends and technologies that is our 24/7 job.

The outcome:

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Wikibrands Coverage Areas

With our three month -to-two year long wikibrand roadmap engagements, we’ll work in the trenches with you at helping your brands and businesses evolve and retool for new business world, using mass collaboration as a value-driving marketing strategy to help overcome the traditional “Marketing Divide”.

Feel confident working with seasoned experts who become extensions of your company with your business and brand’s best interest at heart. We’ve worked across the full range of functions, and are as comfortable at the executive table as we are on the managerial frontlines dealing with the new marketplace paradigms.

To support our promise as the world’s leading customer engagement and innovation hub, we have grouped our offerings into 8 distinct services:

From thought leadership, keynote presentations, organization audits, outsourced marketing, research, customer experience and technology deployment, key stakeholder assessment, Wikibrand game planning, customer validation, executional partnering and measurement, we can be as much or as little of your solution team as required.

For a tailored proposal on how we can bring Wikibrands to live in your company, give us a shout.


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