You don’t need social media, you need an engaged business.

The need:

Who do you trust with your future market innovation, digital engagement and customer experience directions? Your agency advocates one thing. Your IT/Software provider suggests yet another. Management advocates a third option. You know this world is important, and demands expert focus. Before acting, why don’t you enlist the help of senior people who have their limbs straddling the four important worlds of: strategic leadership, organizational culture, digital possibility and customer reality.

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 10.54.13 PM  Wanting bold and clear strategic direction for the future?

 Looking for an outsider perspective on key opportunities/risks your company faces?

 Needing an expert, independent third party audit of key company driver (s)?

 Requiring intensive, short-­term team focus on specific subject?

 Your technology needs the experience of the world’s top experts and/or peer companies?

The answer:

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 1.35.41 PMOur 12 most popular categories of Wikibrand consulting requests below (in order of broadest impact to more targeted needs), requiring 3-month to 2-year support:

  • Digitally-enabled change management/culture shifting
  • Company visioning/strategy planning
  • Full annual marketing plan development (especially startups/SMBs)
  • Digital engagement planning/integration
  • Digital idea acceleration/new media ventures/innovation pipeline support
  • Brand storytelling/content marketing
  • Digital engagement resourcing/supplier sourcing/RFP consultants
  • Content/community/social media audits
  • Industry/employee/customer/competitive digital audit/input/activation
  • Digitally-enabled partnerships/sponsorships/fundraising
  • Social media/community implementation/influencer outreach oversight
  • Digital/social rules, guidelines, governance and scenario roleplaying

Your outcome:

Comprehensive and landmark strategic course of action rooted in staff input/ownership, visionary thinking and market-­based conclusions. Whether everything is on the table or just a portion of your strategy, we’ll provide a battery of toolkits, proprietary audits, and explicit conclusions to pick up and run with.

Our collaborative work with you includes the pre-­evaluation, execution of deliverables, idea curation, strategic development, group moderation,  staff/customer interviews and surveys, solution building, partnering and final reporting.

As former clients ourselves, we have been there before, let us know how we can help you deliver a positive and profitable digital future.


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