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Wikibrands has successfully worked with clients and agencies across virtually every sector. Take a look.

“The Wikibrands citizen engagement work is the most entertaining and informative we’ve ever had. They work very hard to ensure that the content of their work is reflective of current global best practice, engaging and also directly relevant to their audience’s needs, and employable immediately in their work. The work was extremely well  received by the BC government and participants have asked for additional work as a way to build a better understanding throughout the entire government. I strongly recommend Wikibrands for any government agency.”

Tanya Twynstra, BC Government Executive Director

“Wikibrands is a must for business leaders, managers and just about anyone who wants to recognize and deploy the incredible creative energy of customers and stakeholders, a guide to reinventing enterprise by authentically engaging the creative class. Wikibrands helps companies navigate the landscape of the new digitized and collaborative business environment.”

Richard Florida, author of the Creative Class and director or the Martin Prosperity Institute 

“Wikibrands was a pleasure to work with for our Canadian Chief Marketing Executives. They were professional in his approach leading up to the event and his workshop was a hit with my members. Better still, they are very personable and he invested a substantial amount of his time interacting with our members. Great work!”

Perry Eisenschmid, VP Marketing, Sales & IT,  Conference Board of Canada 

“Wikibrands came in to spend time with our  executives and staff at Vancity, teaching us trends and tips on new marketing. Their ability to convey his message in an informal yet highly instructive way is invaluable. Their message rang equally true for our most senior executives, as well as our rank and file. You could almost hear the minds being stretched and eyes being opened. I haven’t encountered many firms like Wikibrands, and value their opinions and experience very highly.”

William Azaroff, Director of Community and Development, VanCity

“Feedback has been great from our clients & senior leaders, and Wikibrands’ role was a huge part of the success. The wide variety of content and clear thought-leadership  has been identified as one of the most positive feedback areas. Wikibrands are real pros with a clear passion for and knowledge of this critical time for marketers and broader organizations. Hoping we have the opportunity to collaborate again soon.”

Adam Bernatt, VP Client Service, Nielsen

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