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So what’s our special sauce?  The winning Wikibrands approach is based on 5 key principles why we exist, 12 ingredients for effective business in the post-connected world and 5 distinctive reasons for why we do it right:

5 Key Principles for Why Wikibrands Exist:

  1. The Customer is at the Centre of Your Business – we realize the customer deserves their place baked in the DNA of your business to assist and support your innovation, experience, insight, support, brand evangelism and exposure.
  2. Authenticity, Openness, Transparency and Purpose are the New Organizational Currencies of Sustainable Enterprises – why you exist and how real your company operates is now far more important than what you say you do.
  3. Only Awesomeness Gets You Noticed and Talked About – most stuff, even the good efforts,  gets ignored offline and online because it’s not unique, daring, dynamic or visionary; we aim for the 1% of efforts that do get recognized.
  4. Strength is Determined by the Power of Your Network – Social media is a dirty work, the power of connecting deeply is not just a tactical change but something to transform your business culture and operating models for the future.
  5. The World is a Blur – what is fresh and exciting now is tomorrow’s old news. Paradigm changes are changes 5x more quickly than a generation ago and business processes and thinking must be agile enough to accommodate.

12 Ingredients for an Engaged, Connected and Winning Business

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 1.28.32 PMTo build a Wikibrand, adopt a FLIRT model:

  • Focus – ensuring the table legs of business objectives, organizational culture, brand promise and customer needs are aligned
  • Language, Content and Tone – the quality, quantity, variety, interaction, lingo and format of content
  • Ideas for Conversation – simple, unexpected, concrete and emotional concepts, stories and ideas that tip
  • Incentives and Outreach – reaching out the world out there and ensuring initiatives make them feel good, look good and give them something in return.
  • Rules, Guidelines and Governance – the management of risk and empowerment of employees and ambassadors to support the organization
  • Tools and Platforms – the social networks, technologies, software, applications and forums that activity takes place

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 1.29.57 PMTo maintain a Wikibrand, sustain some MILCing practices:

  • Measurement – the monitoring, metrics, insight and foresight developed from deep digital engagement
  • Internalizing the External – bridging the chasm between employee experience and customer reality
  • Listening – the tools and best practices for listening, filtering, presence and tangible change through digital engagement
  • Life-Stage Planning – the weekly, quarterly and annual deployment, growth and renewal of digital engagement
  • Culture Reinforcement – the additional role of senior leadership support, structure, rewards and  information to build positive change.
  • Community Management – the depth, levels, staff and resourcing of your digital front lines and tools.


5 Reasons Why We Get It Right:

  • Client empathy – agencies, consultants and software companies are not structured to deal with the common multi-headed client issues; as former clients we are familiar with client opportunities and challenges.
  • Rigorous understanding – we have studied and worked with some of the world’s top engaged organizations across a range of industries and have experienced first hand how and why they work well.
  • Full customer experience – as media-agnostic consulting and service partners, we cover the full landscape of digital and change management needs and not just tactical one-offs.
  • Embracing Paradigm Change – we see the world as it is now and where it’s going to be, not how it was before. In key areas, we have identified what’s old dogma and offer you change that reflects the connected marketplace (see our 13Es model).
  • Support Partners – we have rallied a network of world-leading strategic and accomplished executional partners to provide you better credibility, service and value and cover off the full spectrum of digital strategic and executional needs.


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